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How to Make Your Business Shipments Look More Professional

by Olufisayo
Business Shipments

Small in Size Only

Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean that you have to operate like an amateur.

For instance, if you deliver tangible products to your customers, you can set up your delivery services to ensure the highest possible level of efficiency. Fortunately, many of the strategies that you can employ are inexpensive and easy to implement.

A major aspect of making your business shipments look more professional is by incorporating mailing solutions into your package handling procedures. Substantive practices such as establishing efficient delivery routes are important. However, establishing an overall professional image is also important to generating confidence in your business among your customers and clients.

Business Shipments

Use Metered or Online-Generated Postage

Mailing packages to customers, clients or suppliers with rows of stamps affixed on them makes your business seem completely amateurish. It’s even worse if the package looks as if you dug through every drawer in your office to accumulate sufficient postage.  Add a hand lettered mailing label and the intended recipients may even hesitate to accept your packages at all, fearing what might be inside.

Instead, invest in a postage meter that produces postage labels in the exact amounts required for each package. You can also generate mailing labels and postage online. With either solution, not only will your packages look more professional, but you eliminate the guesswork from determining how much postage each package requires.

Include Your Company’s Logo on Packages

One means to improve your company’s overall professional image is with a professionally-created logo. Unless you have a background in graphic design, you should not try to design your own logo. Instead, the investment that you make in obtaining a professional logo is money well spent.

Along with including your company’s logo on its stationery, website and online social networks, you should integrate the logo into mailing and return address labels for your outgoing packages. By utilizing the logo consistently you help to establish the company’s overall brand. In the process, your entire operation appears to be more professional.

Email PDF Invoices and Confirmation Forms

It is simply sound business practice to create a record of your company’s shipments. Records for each outgoing package should include a list of the package’s contents along with the destination, amount charged and either executed or anticipated form of payment. Provide customers with PDF copies of their records in email confirmation messages to let them know their packages are on their way. Producing records in PDF format allows them to be displayed on your customer’s machines even if your company uses a different operating system (OS) than some or all of your customers use.

Set Up a Tracking System

A tracking system goes hand in hand with establishing and maintaining records of the packages your company ships to its customers and others. By setting up a tracking system for your outgoing packages, you should be able to determine the location of your outgoing packages at any time. This allows you to trace packages which are misdirected and never received by your customers. A tracking system also protects your company from charges that a package was never shipped in the first place.

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