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How to Maximise Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur

by Olufisayo
How to Maximise Your Productivity

When you’re balancing your home life with your career, it’s easy to feel a little burnt out and unproductive from time to time. But when you’re running your own business, and the success of that business depends on you and your efforts, you simply cannot afford to have “off days”.

This incredible juggling act, although incredibly rewarding can also be unbelievably exhausting, and when your efforts aren’t bringing in the sales and the results that you need as quickly as you want them, it can leave you feeling deflated and somewhat defeated.

By keeping your productivity levels up, you’ll be able to achieve more of your goals and keep yourself ahead of your competitors. So, how do you avoid a slump in those productivity levels when things aren’t always going to plan? Read on to find out.

Utilize as many social media tools as possible

Content creation, synchronized publishing, even a useful social media calendar are all at your fingertips and available to make your business life and social media influence much easier to control and manage.

If you’re finding your productivity waning after several hours of content creation and subsequent posting on all your social platforms, then simply call in the experts. By having all your social media ready to publish with just a few clicks, you can focus on the bigger tasks and turn your attention to elsewhere in the business.

Set goals (and hold yourself accountable)

If you want more tasks done and your productivity levels to remain high throughout the day, then set yourself as many daily goals and tasks as possible.

It doesn’t have to be anything drastic or a grand achievement, even just getting through your emails and then researching your next blog post, etc are simple, achievable goals that will help keep your motivation high. Keep yourself accountable, by letting others know your plans!

Get rid of those distractions

When you’re in the midst of a productivity slump, the last thing you need is to be distracted by unnecessary diversions. Don’t let that quick check of your personal Facebook account turn into a whole hour missing from your working day.

You’ll spend the next few days trying to catch up! Consider putting blocks on certain sites if this is a reoccurring problem for you, or remove the push notifications from your phone so you can concentrate.

Don’t compare your progress to others

Someone else you know has had twice the success that you’ve had in the same period. While you’re pleased for them, it’s easy to let someone else’s success eclipse your own and leave you feeling unmotivated and unproductive. Try to remember that your journey is completely different from anyone else’s and comparing the two is simply futile!

Turn off

While it might seem counter-productive, sometimes if you want to avoid burnout and losing all your productivity, it pays to switch off from everything and have a time out.

Whether that’s an evening to yourself where you leave the emails until the morning, or you enjoy a weekend with loved ones and leave the work at home. Consider setting limits and “opening hours” so you can better control the amount of pressure you’re under.

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