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How to Maximise Your Space with a Steel-Built Garage

by Olufisayo
Steel-Built Garage

The lack of available space in a house can be a huge problem, with some home-owners often looking to move to a property that is going to offer them the increased capacity that they need.

This process is lengthy, costly and often completely unnecessary. An option that is frequently overlooked is the use of a steel building.

Not only can they vastly expand the free space that you have, they are incredibly cost effective and they can even add value to your property.

Steel-Built Garage

Benefits of DIY

Lack of confidence can be a huge issue when it comes to DIY projects and the daunting task of constructing a steel-build is certainly no exception. As with any construction project, careful planning is essential and usually, an architect is engaged to oversee the design and implementation stages which can be a costly endeavour and one that is completely unnecessary with this DIY steel-build.

The project can be managed start to finish by you and during the building stages family and friends can help out to reduce the cost of hiring outside help.

Easy Maintenance

Steel-buildings are used in many different industries as made evident in Armstrong Steel’s steel building and construction guides. They’re widely used as they are extremely cost-effective and incredibly low maintenance. Steel is particularly durable and can weather the elements well, not warping like wood.

The steel building can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the individual and the scale of the project. The up-keep of the building is very easy with cheap warranties available to ensure that in the event of damage you can have it replaced.

 Double the Space

Adding a mezzanine level to your steel-build will practically double the amount of floor-space you have to use. This is a great option for those with a small build who need even more space for storage. The good news is that adding an extra floor can be relatively straight-forward to achieve. For those with a larger build, who use the premises for business purposes, this process can be more complicated.

Planning permission may be necessary to install this additional floor and a rigorous health and safety check completed before it can be fully utilised. However, once successfully added this can greatly boost available space, allowing your business to expand all for a small additional cost.

Value for Money

The addition of a steel-build can greatly increase the value of your property. Potential buyers are looking for a home that they can grow into and having the option of an out-building can give them the peace of mind that need. It also gives them the option to use the facility for their own business or personal projects, making this a truly multi-purpose space that can be used by everyone.

Maximising the space that you have can be a challenge especially in today’s world but by thinking outside the box and getting a little bit creative you can design the perfect build for you and get the space you need.

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