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How to Prepare for Your First Business Trip to Los Angeles

by Olufisayo
Business Trip to Los Angeles

If you are in a job that requires you to travel for business purposes, getting yourself prepared in advance is important. If you’ve landed your dream role and your boss has asked you to go on a business trip, it’s important that you know what to expect.

If you haven’t done much traveling before, being organized from the get-go will mean you are confident and ready for meeting important clients and attending conferences.

Los Angeles plays host to thousands of business travelers each day, so whether you’re heading to the city for a number of days, weeks, or longer, here are a few ways on how to best prepare for your upcoming business trip.

Make a Packing Checklist

As you will be away from home, you will naturally not have access to everything that you’re normally accustomed to. If you’re away for an extended period, bringing home comforts that help you feel relaxed is key. Before you jet off to Los Angeles, make sure that you make a note of everything that you need to bring.

Clothes, toiletries, sentimental items, and anything from your office that you will need for work need to be taken into account. The last thing you want is to arrive at an important meeting with a client to find a file you need is 500 miles away!

Thankfully, there are numerous apps that you can download on your smartphone that can minimize the risk of you leaving anything important behind.

Avoid Checking Luggage

While a huge suitcase will give you more space to pack the essentials, dragging heavy luggage around a big city like Los Angeles can be a daunting prospect.

Even if you’re heading on a lengthy business trip, it’s advised to stick to a carry-on bag that can cram in all the things you need. The fewer items that you have to carry around, the less anxious you will feel.

Where to Stay

Home to over four million people, Los Angeles is a bustling business city, meaning you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding accommodation.

While many business travelers opt to stay in hotels, There are several companies that offer furnished apartments in the city of Los Angeles that make an ideal homebase while away. Blueground provides monthly furnished rentals in popular hotspots like Venice, Santa Monica, and beyond.  

Many of their apartments are located in buildings with top notch amenities such as gyms,pools and rooftop decks that you can use to relax and unwind after a busy day of meetings.

Bring Business Cards

From the moment you step off the plane and head into Los Angeles, you need to be focused on networking. If your diary is filled with dozens of meetings and conferences, this can be a great opportunity to make good connections that could come in useful later down the line.

To make a lasting impression, be sure to pack plenty of business cards with you that you can hand out at networking events. When traveling for work purposes, you will become the face of your employer, so to represent the business in the best way possible, it’s important that you always act professional.

Bring Comfortable Shoes

No matter how long you’re in Los Angeles for, traveling can take its toll on your feet. If you have a jam-packed schedule ahead of you, getting from A to B can be exhausting, so it’s important that you bring comfortable shoes with you.

When walking through the city streets, airports, and convention centers, wearing comfortable shoes can minimize the risk of you getting blisters.

Be Social

While a short LA business trip will be over in a flash, for those who will be in Los Angeles for a few weeks or longer, it’s important that you try and be as social as possible with those you meet. The last thing you should do is isolate yourself and spend most of your time in your apartment.

Los Angeles has plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, and attractions that can be a great way to take your mind off work and give yourself a much-needed break.

Reduce Stress Levels

After a hectic day of meetings and conferences, having some much-needed ‘me time’ can give you the opportunity to relax and unwind. Reducing stress levels can help aid sleep, helping you to feel alert and fresh for the day ahead.

Many business travelers practice yoga, deep breathing, and meditation, which can keep you calm and collected. Also, finding the time for regular exercise can be a great way to boost energy levels and ensure you’re taking good care of your health and wellbeing.

While going on your first business trip to Los Angeles may feel daunting and overwhelming, the more preparation you do before you get on the plane, the better.

There are many tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your business trip to ensure everything runs smoothly, helping you to get the most out of your experience.

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