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How to Protect Your Business: Areas to Focus On

by Olufisayo
How to Protect Your Business

The business worlds can be quite harsh and even unfair in certain situations. Starting a business can be extremely profitable but it will add infinitely to what you worry about compared to a normal job. Protecting the business should be of the highest importance as you want your success to be because of hard work rather than other outside factors. Being as proactive as possible when it comes to this will decrease risks. This might take extra budgeting to certain areas but in the end it will be worth it. Mitigate risks in the following areas to help put your business on the right track.

How to Protect Your Business

Accidents in the Workplace

Getting the right insurance for your staff in the workplace is important to say the least. A multimillion dollar suit would shut down many companies if they had to fund the legal fees and possibly a settlement for one or two common workplace accidents. Doing monthly or bimonthly safety training can reduce the chance of accidents happening as well. Simply reminding staff of certain precautions can help as some people do forget the safest procedure for certain tasks. A consistent drug testing program can help limit accidents as well. An impaired staff member injuring another employee could mean a lawsuit for endangering employees for lack of drug testing.


Taking out loans is not the answer in many cases if you haven’t looked at other ways to save on the monthly business budget. Talking to clients about payment terms and modifying them can be a great way to save cash flow. Product orders can lead to cash flow issues if payment is due on delivery. Asking for half of the money up front from a trusted client will not always be met with resistance. Companies realize the need for some money up front to cover labor and product costs. Outsourcing certain departments can be a great way to save money as certain jobs can be done for a fraction of the cost. HR and online marketing are great examples of departments that can be outsourced in order to save money monthly.

Keeping Clients on Long Term

One of the worst things that can happen is having a long term large client abruptly leave can lead to layoffs or even a closing of the business. Getting clients to sign long term contracts and giving discounts for extensions can help regulate income. As long as processes are scalable the higher prices can be for the smaller clients or ones not willing to commit to a contract. Knowing clients will be there for years to come allows a business to expand their sales instead of constantly putting energy month after month into the same client. A good customer service or client management team can be of huge worth. These people developing personal relationships with the clients over time can help nudge that client in the direction of the multiyear contract.

Hiring Quality Candidates

Building a quality team at your company can lead to success long term especially if the staff is treated well. High quality candidates do not always want the highest salary as there are perks that can convince them to join the team. One perk that many employers are offering for a little decrease in pay is that of working from home. This allows the employee quite a bit of freedom to work from nearly anywhere in the world. The interview process is something that should be perfected as it will allow a company to continuously hire the same quality of employee. This process should be multiple steps with a test of how the new employee would take on a common problem they would encounter. A great resume or references does not always mean the candidate will deliver.

Protecting the business will take work and possibly a bit more money invested in various areas. Successfully doing the above will allow a company to flourish if a quality service is delivered to clients month after month!

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