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How Water Usage Can Help Businesses Save Money

by Olufisayo
how to save on water bills

In light of the current pandemic, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs. We’ve recently shared some money-saving tips beyond budgeting, and today we will be looking at reducing costs in an area that many businesses tend to overlook: water bills.

Utility bills tend to be one of the first areas businesses consider when it comes to reducing costs, but water is not something that people will commonly think about when they’re trying to save money. Taking care of your water usage will help your business save money, even if you’re simply relying on water for taps and bathroom facilities.

Shop around

Not all business owners realize this, but if you are based in Scotland or England, you can now choose your water retailer. If the traditional regional wholesalers are still in charge of operating and maintaining the local network, retailers are in charge of the billing and managing of all the services offered to the customer.

This competitive environment means that customers can look for the best rate offered or the best services available. If you’re looking to save money, water retailers like Castle Water can help you look at areas of improvement to reduce your water usage and your bills.

Repair & maintenance

Ever found that your water bill was suddenly increasing for no apparent reason? This could be caused by leaks and issues in your water network, even if they may not be obvious. A leak doesn’t always mean a burst pipe or flooding the office space, it could be small enough so you wouldn’t notice it but over time the increased water usage will have an impact on your bills.

The same can be said of taps. Ever had an annoying drip in the kitchen sink that you just ignore for months on end? It’s easy to think that a few drops of water won’t change much and delay repairs, but it’s been estimated that a faucet leaking at 10 drips a minute can waste 3 litres a day, or about 90 litres a month!

Ensuring that all repairs are carried out in a timely manner and that your network and pipes are correctly maintained, without any leaks, will ensure that you won’t waste any water or money.

Perform a full audit

Once you’ve ensured that your retailer offers you the best rate and you are sure that you don’t have any leaks, it’s time to look at reducing your water usage, which will help you save money.

To better understand how your business uses water, it is common to perform a full audit that will look at different areas such as water meters, water management practices, or the efficiency of your facilities. The audit results will highlight areas of improvement where the business can be more efficient, reducing water usage which in turn will lower your bills.

This is another area where your water retailer can help you, as many offer services around water efficiency to help businesses plan and implement measures in order to be more water-efficient. We hope you’ve found this post useful. Find more advice and news in our business and finance categories.

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