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How to Set Up Your Store with Multiple Currencies

by Olufisayo
How to Set Up Your Store with Multiple Currencies

Shopify developers have been beta testing a new multiple currency feature for a number of months now, and it looks like the feature is about to hit the market. Shopify announced on November 30 (2018) that the option to use multiple currencies would roll out in December. That rollout has now begun in earnest.

If you don’t know much about HTML, CSS, hard coding, etc., you should probably wait until Shopify’s GUI allows for configuring multiple currencies. If you do have the knowledge and you are willing to play with the internal mechanisms of your Shopify installation, you can now set up multiple currencies by inserting some new code.

How to Set Up Your Store with Multiple Currencies

With the rollout, you can now:

  • show multiple currencies in all store listings
  • allow customers to choose between two currencies only
  • allow customers to switch between more than two currencies.

Note that taking advantage of multiple currencies requires you to update your installation’s theme so that currencies are identical on both product pages and in the shopping cart.

Create a Currency Selector

Utilizing multiple currencies requires creating a currency selector for switching purposes. Shopify offers a currency form that acts as a template of sorts. You can download the form, change the values to meet your preferences, and then paste the code in the proper location.

Your created currency selector gets added to thesection of the theme.liquid file. As long as the code is correct, your customer’s chosen currency should remain consistent throughout the shopping experience. If it doesn’t, something is wrong in the code. You will have to go through and examine each modified line of the currency selector.

Before You Begin

Any time you start messing with the internal code of your Shopify installation you run the risk of breaking things. As such, Shopify recommends you do a couple of things before you begin your modifications. To start with, check the settings in the theme editor.

Multiple currencies might not work in every theme. If you don’t see an option that allows you to select a currency, altering the code may not do anything. You should contact the theme developer for guidance.

Next, Shopify recommends making a backup copy of your theme. That way, you can always restore your installation to its previous state should something go wrong. As a side note, we recommend that you store your backup copy in another location. A good option is on your hard drive or a thumb drive. Storing it separately prevents it from being contaminated.

Lastly, Shopify recommends checking your level of support before you begin. Your plan may limit the amount of support you have available, meaning you could find yourself in trouble if something breaks. Do not proceed with limited support unless you are very confident in what you’re doing.

Shopify has begun rolling out options for multiple currencies. This is good news for online retailers who sell in multiple countries. Setting up the currency option right now is not easy for people who don’t have coding knowledge. However, it is likely to get easier in the future. We expect GUI options to be implemented at some point.

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