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A Complete Guide on How to Ship Order From One Country to Another

by Olufisayo
How to Ship Order From One Country to Another

There are better deals and prices on different products in the US than in Canada. However, many Canadians find it difficult to buy products or goods from the US. But, now, there are different shipping services in the market helping Canadian people purchase items from the US and get them delivered to their address in Canada.

The process takes two steps where the order is received at the company’s address in the US and then shipped to Canada. This process is relatively faster and cheaper than other available options. Here’s the complete breakdown of how it works:

Placing an Order in the US

You can buy goods from any US website and order them to be shipped to a shipping company’s warehouse offering such a service. The company will receive your order at their warehouse and prepare it to be delivered to your address in Canada.

Since you cannot place an order in the US to be delivered to a Canadian address, you need to use a third-party service. The cheapest way to ship from the US to Canada is to use third-party shipping services offering delivery services from the US to Canada.

Your Order is Dispatched from the US to Canada

After your order is received at the shipping company’s warehouse, it will be dispatched from the US to Canada. Since a shipping company does not have an address in Canada, it will be billed a customs duty and tariff. To avoid this, you can use the services of another shipping service that will ship your goods for you in exchange for the bill, which includes shipping charges and custom duties and taxes.

Order is Received in Canada

You can buy products from any US website and pay for them using your preferred method. The order will be received at the address you provided. Then, you can pay for it and get it delivered to your doorstep. Once you place an order with your credit card and the online merchant accepts it, they will not charge your card till your goods are shipped.

So, when you place an order, don’t worry if the card gets charged immediately, as it will not be automatically charged until your goods are shipped and ordered.

Get Your Order Delivered at Your Address in Canada:

Once your item is shipped from the US to Canada, it arrives at the address you gave during the checkout process. In this case, the delivery office of your shipping service in Canada will handle everything from receiving your parcel from the US to delivering it to your address. In case of any delay or query, you can contact customer support of your shipping service or visit their local office in Canada.

Many online stores are available, helping Canadians place orders in the US and ship them to Canada. The shipping company is responsible for charging your order customs duties and taxes, which do not happen if you buy items from Canadian websites. If you have an account with a Canadian online store, you can use that information and make payments through online banking.

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