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How to Source Affordable Furniture for Your Artisan Coffee Shop

by Olufisayo
Affordable Furniture for Your Artisan Coffee Shop

In any given neighborhood there can be a dozen of places where people can go to get a good cup of coffee. Some people just want to run into a coffee shop so that they can get their drinks to go, but then again others love to sit around, relax, and spend a lot of time there. Beyond having an excellent selection of coffee, there needs to be different areas for patrons to sit.

If you are looking to start up a coffee shop, buy bar stools from restaurant-furniture.com, couches, and dining chairs so that customers never feel awkward about finding the perfect seat. More than anything, the furniture you put in your coffee shop has to be affordable. When you buy affordable furniture, you can invest in the décor and keep a solid cash reserve.

Here’s how you can get great, unique, and low-cost furniture to put inside of your artisan coffee shop.

Affordable Furniture for Your Artisan Coffee Shop

Get the Furniture First

If you want to make your coffee shop look and feel great, the most cost-effective way to do this is to get your furnishings first and foremost. Buying the furniture first will ensure that you can have a great interior layout. Second, if you buy your coffee shop furnishings first, you can easily develop a theme that matches with the furniture. Lastly, when you get your furniture first you can stay within your budget. Imagine doing all of the decorating first and then finding that your furniture will cost you thousands of dollars more than you expected.

Buy Used Furniture

Gently used furniture can still last for a really long time. Some coffee shop furniture retailers do reupholster and sell used furniture, which means that you can be certain that you’re buying furnishings that are quality. Remember that you don’t have to buy used couches or chairs to save money either. Used end tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves are other affordable options to help keep your costs down while getting the furnishings you need to make your coffee shop look great.

Talk to Other Artisan Coffee Shop Owners

Although you might be competing to have the best coffee shop in your neighborhood, you don’t have to be in direct competition with your peers. Instead, try to network with other coffee shop owners to see where they source their furniture, coffee, and how they deal with employees. Not only will others in your industry appreciate the compliments, they will have no problem helping you to find quality furnishings. Just don’t copy their décor and everyone will be happy.

It’s possible to find furniture almost anywhere that will look excellent in your artisan coffee shop. Go to yard sales, look at classified ads in the newspaper, and definitely get furniture catalogs. You may want to get all of your furniture from the same source or have a collection of furniture that comes from a dozen different sources. If you want it to be affordable, then be open to buying coffee shop furniture from anywhere that has a good reputation. Hopefully you will get plenty of furnishings that you and your customers will love.

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