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How To Start A Successful Party Planning Business Today In 4 Easy Steps

by Olufisayo
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Whether it’s birthdays, Christmas or a wedding, we all love to celebrate. But why not take your love of parties one step further and turn it into a lucrative business.

If you flourish when it comes to organising events, you already have the necessary skills to turn this business idea into a successful career.  You don’t need years of experience or a degree in event planning to get started. All you need to do is follow these easy steps to get started.

How To Start A Successful Party Planning Business Today

Determine who your target market is

Before you do anything else, you need to establish who your target market is. This will give you some much-needed focus that will influence your decisions from here on out. Think about parties you’ve planned in the past and where your strengths lie. You may have found that you are more comfortable organising children’s parties than adults or vice versa. One you have determined this, you can start creating your business plan.

How To Start A Successful Party Planning Business Today

Do some volunteering

To make sure this is definitely the right business option for you, you need to volunteer your time. You could shadow and help out a local party planner. Or you could visit the Global Experiences website and enrol on one of their internship courses. This will give you further insight into what the job entails while also giving you some valuable contacts to use in future. Use this opportunity to gain and expand your communication, time keeping and negotiation skills. All of which will be put to good use when you proceed with your own business.

How To Start A Successful Party Planning Business Today

Look for networking opportunities

One of the key aspects of party planning is networking. Even though you are in the early stages of your new venture,  you need to look for ways to build relationships. It’s wise to create a business card you can give out as and when you need to. You can attend event planning fairs or networking events. Or you can take the initiative and phone possible contacts or meet them face to face in store. Whenever you meet someone within the industry, such as caterers, always get their contact information. You never know when you could help each other out in future.

How To Start A Successful Party Planning Business Today

Invest in some additional extras

To make your new business stand out amongst your competitors, you need to have some additional extras to help you. These should entice your target customers to your business and make you seem more appealing. For instance, you could look into American Limousine Sales, which you can use for wedding or prom events. Marquees and venue decorations would also be ideal for this. For kid’s parties, bouncy castles and tents would make great additional extras. Try to think outside the box to offer your clients something new and exciting, instead of what they expect.

So don’t let a lack of experience or knowledge stop you from starting your party planning business. As long as you have enthusiasm, ideas and fantastic communication skills, it shouldn’t take long for you to get your first of many clients.

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