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How to Store Dangerous Goods in the Workplace

by Olufisayo
How to Store Dangerous Goods in the Workplace

Business organisations in many sectors, especially sectors such as manufacturing and construction, often need to keep dangerous materials, like corrosive and flammable materials, in the workplace.

Depending on the type of materials and the work environment, there are usually a few options for dangerous goods storage in Perth workplaces, including cabinets that have been specially designed to store corrosive and dangerous materials. Here are a few tips for storing dangerous goods.

How to Store Dangerous Goods in the Workplace

Know the Materials

The first step to storing dangerous materials in the workplace is knowing the materials – what they are, what they’re used for, how they can harm human health and how they can damage property. When you know the materials and the dangers they pose, you’re in a better position to make the right decisions about how to store them.

Fortunately, there are many sources of information that can be used to develop a better understanding of dangerous materials, with government sources the most reliable. These sources outline the requirements of business organisations regarding usage and storage, as well as the obligations of employers. If you have dangerous materials in the workplace, you need to know your legal obligations.

Source the Right Storage Solution

Dangerous goods storage solutions are usually specially designed cabinets. For example, if you had flammable materials to store, you’d purchase a fire-resistant cabinet, whereas if it was corrosive materials that you were storing it would be a corrosion-resistant cabinet.

Dangerous goods storage by Sepmar is affordable, efficient and can help your business organisation to avoid a workplace incident that causes damage to property or harms an employee. This means sourcing the right dangerous goods solution for your workplace is a wise business move that could save you money and keep your employees, a business’s most valuable investment, safe from harm.

Don’t forget that you have an obligation to your employees to provide them with a work environment that’s safe and secure. What’s more, your organisation could be on the receiving end of a hefty fine if it’s found to have breached national workplace health and safety regulations that have been put in place to protect employees in the workplace.

Invest in Signage

In addition to a specially designed dangerous goods storage solution, like a fire-resistant cabinet, it’s also important for business organisations to make their workplaces safer by investing in safety signage to alert employees to the dangers of the workplace. Dangerous goods cabinets will have signs alerting people to the dangers contained within, but it’s also important to invest in additional signage that further helps to minimise the likelihood of an incident occurring.

Provide Training

If your employees handle and store dangerous materials, they need to be provided with training that empowers them to handle and store these materials safely. Dangerous materials courses are offered by a number of organisations, many of which deliver training in the workplace.

Correctly storing dangerous materials in the workplace is important. Providing training and investing in dangerous materials training and signage are the best ways to ensure a safe work environment.

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