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How Trade Shows Will Change in 2019

by Olufisayo
How Trade Shows Will Change in 2019

Did you know that 85% of decision makers believe that attending trade shows saves them time and money in looking for vendors? This fact was highlighted in a report by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research. The report went on to revealing that more than 90% of attendees make buying decisions after attending trade shows, since having many companies in one place allows them to make comparisons more easily and in real time.

Such events have undergone a revolution over the past ten years due to technological advancements, says an expert at Trade Show Display, a reputed New York trade show company that specializes in providing high-quality backdrops, exhibits, large tents for events and step and repeat banners.

Trade show participants have many more tools to attract attendees today than they had in the past. If you are planning on participating in such an event, having an idea of the latest developments is very important. So, here are a few emerging trends that will have a major impact on trade show marketing in 2019.

How Trade Shows Will Change in 2019

Human-Centric Design

The first impression is important in grabbing attention and starting the conversation. You want your display to make an instant impact on the attendees. But merely having a flashy design no longer cuts it. What’s better is to appeal to emotions.

The various elements of your display need to work together towards making the prospective client believe that your offering will enhance their business or lives. This can be done through distinctive signage, latest fabrics and aesthetically pleasing textures. 3D mapping technology and texturized graphic displays that use metal or wood also add to the appeal of your trade show backdrop, event step and repeat banner or exhibit.


Comfort has a universal appeal. So, exhibitors are implementing lounge areas in their booths to attract exhausted attendees. The floor staff then seizes the opportunity to give the visitors their sales pitch. Many booths also provide charging stations, attracting visitors by providing a convenience.

Sensory Experiences

Participants at trade shows in NYC are no longer limit their booths to sights and sounds to attract attendees. They try to appeal to all five senses. Touch-panel interfaces, games and other interactive experiences are being increasingly employed for NY trade show exhibits. Scent marketing is also gaining popularity.

Virtual Reality ( VR )

This is one of the biggest buzzwords today. And, this buzz has certainly reached the world of NYC trade shows as well. Virtual Reality presentations help marketers attract attendees and keep them fully engaged. It’s a way to give visitors at your booth a way to interact with your brand that is much more powerful than casual conversations with the booth staff. Moreover, it’s a great way to show that your brand uses cutting edge technology.

While these trends are bringing exciting changes in the trade show world, one must never forget the basics. All the visuals at your display need to be well-designed and your sales staff must communicate your message effectively. Also, for a successful trade show exhibit in NY, employ the services of a reputed company in NYC that provides good-quality backdrops, step and repeat banners and large tents for such events.

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