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How Working with Video Marketing Agencies Can Benefit Your Brand in 2019

by Olufisayo
Video Marketing Agencies

Video is the way forward. More viewers are consuming video content than ever before, and that number continues to grow. The fact that video sharing platforms like YouTube and Instagram now have billions of active users only means that there are more opportunities to explore.

The key to conquering the video landscape is delivering value to the right audience segments. It is a saturated landscape, which means you have to go the extra mile and really fine-tune your video content to win the audience’s attention.

There is a lot you can do to improve your video content, especially when your goal is creating a bigger impact in 2019. In fact, thereare many things you must do to create impactful content. This is where working with a capable video marketing agency can really help in a number of ways, even if you promote something highly specific like blocked drains Frankston services.

Video Marketing Agencies

The Bigger Picture

If you are still producing one video after the other without having a more coherent, related storyline connecting your video content, now is the perfect time to change your approach. The one thing that separates great videos from the millions of hours of content out there is a good story that the audience can follow.

A good story can be implemented in all kinds of video. In fact, the main story doesn’t always have to be in the video directly. For example, you can combine stories about people behind your brand or your business with explainer videos that dig deeper into the products and services you offer.

The key here is creating a storyline that the audience can follow. You need to keep the viewers wanting more, and the way to do that is by creating a more streamlined feel to the videos you produce. A team of video marketing experts can help you craft a good and compelling story from the start.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is everything in today’s video landscape. Releasing one video every week is a lot more effective than posting two or three videos in one day and then waiting for two weeks before releasing new content. The former introduces a pattern that the audience can follow.

Browse through YouTube channels that are successful and you will notice that they produce content on a regular basis. After a while, the viewers of those channels know when to expect new videos. The approach also offers more reasons for the viewers to subscribe.

When you have a capable production team helping you, staying consistent will not be a problem.You can focus on creating the main storyline for your videos while the video marketing agency deals with the technical side for you.


Not all of your video content will work. It may be a good idea to produce a wide range of videos at the beginning, but you have to start investing in getting to know the viewers once you have a stronger audience base to work with.

This is where analytics and insights come in handy. The best video marketing agencies turn to brand intelligence tools, which now come equipped with artificial intelligence for better data analysis and a more comprehensive set of insights.

There is no definitive set of rules to follow. Video content that works for one market segment may not always work for others. Some videos will get a lot of hits, while others will not be so effective. With the right insights, the experts behind the video marketing agency you work with can identify what the audience really wants and tailor your content according to those insights.

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