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How You Will Benefit from Outsourcing Network Operations Center Services

by Olufisayo
How You Will Benefit from Outsourcing Network Operations Center Services

There are many benefits to outsourcing network operations center (NOC) services. A NOC services provider should be a trusted partner, providing a wide-range of services.

This article explores some of the key issues an outsourced NOC will manage and why ExterNetworks should be your managed network services partner.

How You Will Benefit from Outsourcing Network Operations Center Services

Incident Resolution and Maximizing Network Availability

From routine troubleshooting to advanced network management, our network engineer are experts trained on resolving incidents quickly. Monitoring network components 24/7/365 means that often we will often identify and solve problems before productivity suffers. All of our efforts are focused on maximizing network uptime and reducing the potential for disruptions resulting from failure of network components.

Our NOC engineers monitor all network connected devices. The results of monitoring and troubleshooting include an ongoing detailed analysis of your network. If there are areas of concern, we will provide you with the information and recommendations necessary to ensure optimum network performance.

Proactive Cyber Security Threat Analysis and Response

Protecting networks from viruses, malware, ransomware, denial of service attacks and other cyber security threats is a constant issue facing network managers. Having a partner who is an industry leader in managing cyber threats for clients in a diverse group of industry sectors is invaluable. ExterNetworks proactively monitors cyber threats worldwide. They regularly communicate with other technology security experts in the government and private sector. Our professionals are best suited to manage all information security issues your business may face.

However, even with superior coverage, there is always a chance of a breach of security. When this happens, our experienced team knows how to quickly respond to limit and clean up any damage and restore service.

Meeting High Standards With a Service Level Agreement

Entrusting network operations management to an outside entity requires us to meet your high standards for service. This is accomplished through a service level agreement (SLA). A SLA is a formal agreement between us and our clients that outlines expectations for services performed.

A SLA may cover everything from response time when a problem is reported to when an issue may be escalated to more senior personnel. SLAs are beneficial for all involved because the expectations are agreed upon, in advance. When an issue does need to be addressed, all resources can focus solely on correcting it.

Your business depends on maximum effort and minimum disruption. Choosing who will manage network operations is one of the most important technology decisions management will make. ExterNetworks will manage all aspects of your network 24/7/365 at a reasonable cost. Contact us and let us show you why we are your trusted partner for network managed services.

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Ramya Sri Alluri is a marketing specialist and Staff Author at ExterNetworks Inc a Managed Service provider since 2001. ExterNetworks Inc.provides End-to-end solutions featuring Design, Deployment and 24/7 IT support.

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