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Getting Hygiene-Friendly In Your Office

by Olufisayo
Hygiene Friendly Office

Have you ever shaken the hand of someone who is clearly ridden with dirt? It’s a strange feeling knowing that you’re in close contact with a person who is potentially harboring a ton of harmful bacteria that can make you ill at a later date.

But still, imagine the scene – you’re in a business meeting and the only option you have is to shake this smelly client’s hand. Recoiling from them with a wretch might lead you to lose your client so, really, what else can you do? And, as their grip tightens to show that they don’t have a limp handshake, you feel their sweaty palms and grimy digits closing in around you.

While they might have impressed you with their tight handshake, they certainly haven’t with their poor hygiene.

After the meeting, you shake their hand once again and, bleurgh, you simply feel disgusting, the client’s salty sweat drenching your palms. So, you run to your office bathroom only to find it in as much of a state of poor hygiene as your client was.

The toilet’s a write-off, the sink is embedded with dirt and grime, and the hand dryer barely breezes your hands with its limp and lifeless gust.

It’s a picture that’s been painted on the extreme end of the scale, but there are offices everywhere suffering from cleanliness nightmares not dissimilar to this. And, with poor staff hygiene specifically relating to illness and absenteeism, it’s a very literal productivity optimizer to get your washroom in order.

Improving the cleanliness of your workplace

The big change you can make in your workplace, and it’s a change that comes absolutely free, is to alter its culture of cleanliness, making sure that office workers are well aware that poor hand hygiene can transmit bacteria such as E. coli.

With a series of courses, or even something as simple as an email, reminding staff of the value of good hygiene, you’ll find your office will be far more likely to up its cleanliness game.

But, without a good quality washroom, your hygiene will still be compromised, so why not spruce the place up a bit? Really, the type of washroom you’ll want to clean yourself in is the type of washroom that actually looks clean.

Again, the remedy to this is a fairly simple one, with a fresh lick of paint, a pleasant picture hanging on the wall or even a pot plant in the corner of your W/C providing it with a far more pleasant aesthetic

And, while you’re at it, why not give upgrading your facilities a go, with a hand dryer that will thoroughly dry hands, an anti-bacterial soap dispenser (remember to always keep it topped up), and a set of anti-bacterial wipes to give that toilet seat a good scrub every now and again? If you’re planning a big revamp consider OPP, as they are one of the best bathroom partition manufacturers.

The hygiene of an office is part and parcel of its happiness, so keep that washroom fresh and sparkling. As for that smelly client? Well, at least you’ll have a clean washroom to visit after you’ve met with them…

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