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Immigration Recommendations for Entrepreneurs Starting an Italian Business

by Olufisayo
Starting an Italian Business

Italy is a great destination for entrepreneurs looking to extend their reach to foreign markets. It offers a broad local market and access to the EU markets because of its strategic location.

The tax and regulatory environment are friendly for foreign businesses. Moreover, the country has a family-friendly lifestyle, so business owners can consider settling here. Most importantly, immigration is a breeze as you can rely on the investor visa for a quick and easy move.

Experts in the team of InvestorVisaforItaly.com have some valuable recommendations for entrepreneurs looking to launch a startup in Italy. Here are the best ones you can rely on.

Consider your investment capabilities

Italy offers several immigration routes, such as citizenship by descent, marriage, and naturalization. But each of these routes has stringent eligibility requirements, such as having ancestral connections, a marital relationship, or a long-stay history in the country.

The good thing is that you can still immigrate to Italy and start a business here with an investor visa. The only condition that makes you eligible for it is the ability to invest in the country. Consider your investment capabilities as you can qualify with funding of €250,000-€2 million. You can proceed with the investor visa process once you have the money.

Understand the investor visa process

Immigration professionals suggest knowing your facts about the investor visa process before going ahead. It is perhaps the faster way to enter Italy and gain a residence status, making it ideal for startup enthusiasts. You have only two steps to complete-

  • Obtaining a nulla osta- You have to apply for the certificate of no impediment online with a bank statement as proof of funds. The null osta comes within 30 days if everything is in place.
  • Getting the investor visa- Obtaining your investor visa is a breeze once you have the nulla osta. You can apply at your local Italian consulate, appear for the visa interview with the required documents, and close the process.

Collaborate with an expert

Although the Italian investor visa is a fast and easy immigration alternative, you must collaborate with an expert. They can guide you throughout the journey and ensure no omissions and errors in your documents. Since an investor visa qualifies you for a second passport, in the long run, professionals can help you with the immigration norms.

You have to renew your residence permit to get a permanent residence after five years and complete the citizenship formalities after a decade in Italy. The process can get tricky, but an expert can show the way. Letting them handle things gives you peace of mind, and you can focus on your business.

Italian immigration is a major concern for entrepreneurs looking to set up or expand in the country. Luckily, the investor visa offers an easy way because it has minimal eligibility norms, an easy process, and long-term prospects for citizenship. You can rely on it to enter the country, set up your business, expand it to the EU markets, and stay as a citizen. Find experts to help you through the journey, and success will happen effortlessly.


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