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Important things to pack for a trip to Northern areas

by Olufisayo
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If you are one of those individuals with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and solitude in their veins, you must place the Northern Areas of Pakistan on your list to visit.

To put it simply, this is the ideal place for you to reveal your life’s finest packing experience. So get in order for your passport, apply for a visa from Pakistan, and get prepared for a memorable journey. However, before embarking on the trip, act on the following bits of advice which will save you a lot of difficulties as I tried to offer my own suggestions:


For a trip to northern areas, you must do some research. For a trip in the Northern areas of Pakistan, you will need $500 for a weekly trip which does not include visa and airfare. Also, check the local weather circumstances (and maintain a steady track) – especially when you plan to land or when you plan to go on a nature walk.

Land in a major city

If you are traveling from overseas, Keep an eye out for a rental space in Islamabad – if you’re heading to the capital of one of the northern places such as Murree, Azad Kashmir, Naran, Kalam or Skardu – and store most of your belongings in Islamabad.

computer backpack


If you’re planning to rent a bicycle or a vehicle, Islamabad is also an ideal location to organize these comforts from. Investing in a robust, luxurious backpack that comes standard with the following facilities is also a great idea for your journey:

computer backpack: To carry and protect a laptop and other necessities on your commute.

Sleeping bag: While living in camps/tents, you need a sleeping bag to be safe from all kinds of insects. It also helps you to keep warmer.

Tent/ Camp: If you are traveling in the mountains and you have to spend the night in the middle where you don’t have access to hotels, a camp will always help you with this. You can get it from camp smart caravan parts.

Travel-size toiletries: This is a very important thing to pack if you are going to spend days in northern areas.

Shoes: Hiking requires shoes that are made for hiking as they have a firm grip and they don’t let you slip.

Power bank: For charging gadgets like mobile phones, camera

Cooking pot and instant food: As food is not available all the time, so you have to make something for yourself. For this, you must have some instant noodles, instant coffee, and tea to make yourself fulfilled.

Clothing: Take warm clothes with you and make yourself comfy in jackets and sweaters as you will definitely need such clothes for traveling.

Local Customs

Pakistan is a nation of ethnic diversity that boasts a panorama of different cultural practices. But as the nation plays host to a vast-Muslim population base, in these multifaceted observances the prevalent thread of Islamic faith (along with its traditional catholic decorum and social organization mores) is quite obvious. For example, if you’re a lady, it’s best to avoid wearing shorts, tank tops, and other revealing clothes; especially in the northern areas of the country. Local females here usually cover themselves in an ingenious way, and at first, you’ll be amazed to see how few projects out in public.

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