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Top Time Management Improvement Skills in Business

by Olufisayo
Time Management Skills

7 Top Time Management Skills

Work in Blocks of time

Try to do major tasks in blocks of time (three or four hours) during the period of the day when you feel most effective. Schedule other activities around these blocks of time. If the block of time goes through lunch, eat a good breakfast and miss lunch.

Working undisturbed for three or four hours can be very productive when dealing with a special problem or situation. Although it may be difficult to allocate a block of time for one activity, it will often be the only way in which to solve a particular problem.

Ask questions before beginning work

Almost any kind of work can be done more efficiently. Before you start, make sure to answer such questions as What? Where? When? Who? Why? The answers to these questions will help you to identify more efficient ways of accomplishing the work.

For each step in the activity, ask yourself: “Why do I need to do this?” Your answers will help you to determine the most essential tasks of the activity.

Be action-oriented

Once you have decided to solve a problem, outline your specific course of action and then begin. Once you have begun, try to complete as much as you can. This action orientation should help you stop worrying about the problem.

Moreover, if you view each problem as an opportunity for potential improvement you will be more aware of innovative and creative ways of solving the problem.

Be reflective

Reflective thinking is the act of learning from one’s past, present and potential future activities.

Most people do not think very much about what they do, and finding time to be reflected is very difficult. However, there are times when it is possible to be alone with your own thoughts and ideas, such as before falling asleep; when you are traveling; waiting for transport, or walking alone. Use these times to reflect on your work.

Plan in detail for tomorrow

At the end of each day’s work, prepare a time schedule for the following day’s activities. You might even be able to begin one activity, thus providing you with a good start to the next day.

The end of the day is also a good time to examine ways in which you wasted time or used it inefficiently. Write down these time-wasters and you will be less likely to make the same mistakes in the future.

Learn from your experience

Reviewing your past experiences helps you to determine which were interesting and productive and which were dull, time-consuming, and unproductive. You will face similar experiences in the future, and it is up to you to choose only those activities that will be most worthwhile and productive.

Question your use of time

To manage time properly, ask the following questions;

  • What activities am I doing that I should not be doing or should delegate to others?
  • Do I set priorities when I am deciding which activities to do?
  • Are my activities scheduled so that they can be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time?
  • Am I able to concentrate on one activity at a time?

Try to remember good techniques of time management. These time-saving techniques will help you to improve your entrepreneurship performance.

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