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10 Innovative Ways to Draw Visitors to your Exhibition Stand

by Olufisayo
Innovative Ways to Draw Visitors to your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stands create the right atmosphere for you to advertise your brand to a broad base of customers. Though these stands can help you build the image of your brand to many customers, you have to learn right ways to attract clients to your trade show platform.

A good stand can make a meaningful difference when it comes to making a real impact, which is why many companies invest a lot of resources in getting it just right.

Innovative Ways to Draw Visitors to your Exhibition Stand

Ten Ways to Attract Visitors to your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stand Design

A fantastic exhibition stand design is, of course, the first way to ensure that you get a large number of visits to your booth at an event. An experienced exhibition stand design expert like those in www.aspectexhibitions.co.uk will be able to  help you come up with something that will meet all your company needs and requirements, as well as draw your target audience in.

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

Place some comfortable and attractive rugs at your stall to create a welcoming and warm look, while simultaneously helping the staff to be comfortable during breaks since they will be standing and speaking for the most part of the day.

Digital Photography Exhibition Stand

Set up a digital photography stand to attract people to take photos with fun backgrounds such as a beach or a red carpet, with your organisation’s name being a part of the backdrop. It would be a good idea to have a set-up for print outs of photos for souvenirs that will serve as promotional tools.

Small Conference Area

Set up a small conference area within exhibition booths where you can carry out discussion with serious customers and even finalise business deals.

Provide Offline Freebies

An excellent way to draw people in is to give them offline freebies that are genuinely useful. This is a technique that works very well in the online world, with many people signing up for gifts such as eBooks and downloads in exchange for contact details. Try this on your stand by offering free books, product samples or guides.

Incorporate Social Media

Display live Facebook posts and tweets as they stream in from fans and followers at the event or event out of it, creating improved interaction within the event and in the virtual arena. You could offer an incentive to online participants at your trade show.

Live Streaming of Event Videos

Take your promotional activities to a new and improved level, by using a webcasting service for live streaming of videos of the exhibition. The people who are not able to attend the event will be able to see it on YouTube and the company’s website.


Attract people with aromatic coffee, snacks and candies. Place these at the rear end of your stall so that the visitors have to walk through looking at your displays and meet your staff.

Software Driven Handwriting Analysis

Another modern attraction can be software driven handwriting analysis. Integrate the activity with your marketing strategy by providing your mission statement or something similar to rewrite on paper, and then tell them what their writing reveals about their work style and personality.

Hire an Entertainer

Entertainment is always a crowd puller. Hire a magician, a DJ, or some artist to attract visitors. Integrate the entertainer’s presence within trade show displays through some creative planning.

By keeping these factor in mind, you will be able to produce an effective exhibition stand that will allow you to attract customers and form a positive first impression in their mind.

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