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Inspiration for Starting a Business from a Van

by Olufisayo
Inspiration for Starting a Business from a Van

Getting tired of doing a typical 9-5 job and longing for a change in career to a place of work which is fun and filled with adventure is something that many of us will go through during our careers. If this is how you’re feeling at the moment, used vans specialist Van Monster has a suggestion — get yourself a van and branch out into starting an exciting business venture from your vehicle.

As their infographic below sets out, there are plenty of options available when setting up a business from a van. For instance, you could become a courier and, if the 2017 Courier and Express Delivery UK report by Mintel is anything to go by, help deliver some of the estimated 2.8 billion packages and parcels delivered across the nation.

Alternatively, starting a career as a street food trader could be a very wise investment. After all, foodservice researchers Santa Maria has stated in its What’s Next in Street Food report that the average expenditure on street food in 2016 clocked in at £6.50 — think how this could multiply with a queue of customers!

Check out the full infographic below to find out more exciting career prospects, as well as details about the expected day-to-day duties, average working hours, the jobs available and the essential entry and skills requirements for each role listed…

Drive your career with your own van business v4

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