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Installing a Pergola: What Affects the Costs?

by Olufisayo
Installing a Pergola

The cost of installing a pergola can vary greatly depending on a lot of variables that will have an impact on the total price you pay.

When you are looking at installing a struxure pergola, for instance, you will be facing quite a high supply and installation cost in comparison to other options. The reasons for this disparity are things like the size of your pergola and the material used, for instance.

Here is a look at some of the things that can impact the cost of installing a pergola.

 Know what you are buying

The first point to make is a basic but noteworthy one. You should not confuse a pergola with a gazebo and other similar outdoor structures. A fundamental difference between a pergola and a gazebo is that a pergola is not designed with a solid roof.

What you get with a pergola is a more unique and customized design that consists of a roof style comprised of grids of beams and rafters. The obvious benefit to this design feature is that it allows you to enjoy the sun but affords you protection when you need it as well.

The fact that you have these obvious design options will affect the price you pay for your bespoke installation.

The materials used will influence the price you pay

Quality comes at a price. However, when you use a material that is designed to last for years you could easily argue that you get what you pay for.

You could install a traditional wooden pergola, for instance, but the cost of the timber and its longevity may not always compare favorably to using a material such as aluminum.

Aluminum is often viewed as an excellent option to use as the material for building your pergola as it is tough and durable. It is also a material that is competitively priced.

Your choice of materials used will have an obvious impact on the total price you pay for your pergola. The lifespan of wood is typically between 5 and 10 years, whereas aluminum is double that. The fact that aluminum is less expensive than wood makes it even more of a no-brainer from a cost perspective.

What sort of roof are you having?

Another key design element that affects the price is the type of roof structure you choose.

A classic pergola design involves a number of slats that are designed to provide partial shade. It stands to reason that the more slats you have and the more complicated design you use this will have an impact on what you pay.

If you choose a louvered roof or a smart pergola option this will also make a big difference to the price.

A louvered roof has slats that you can open and close. A smart pergola roof is a high-tech option with built-in controls that respond to weather conditions.

The amount of ground and site preparation required before installing your pergola will also be an influential factor when it comes to price.

The price you pay for your pergola is determined by so many factors. Talk to your supplier about all of your options so that you can arrive at a price that gives you the features and finish you want that is in your budget range.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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