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Invoice Software and Templates – Where All Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Can Get Them

by Oluwaseun Peluola
Invoice Software and Templates

Invoices make it easy for online workers to get paid for their jobs. Online freelancers are always able to bill their clients for jobs completed using invoices, thereby facilitating payments. And then, many clients also request freelancers to submit invoices so that payments can be tracked. However you look at it, invoices are the instruments that enable you to get paid for most works completed remotely on the internet.

But there is a problem: most freelancers are not able to design or generate professional-looking
invoices for client billing.

That is where invoice software and templates come in.

Invoice Software and Templates

What Are Invoice Software And Templates?

Invoice templates are ready-made invoice formats that are customizable to suit all needs and purposes. Invoice software and templates also enable you to create and design your own invoices using third-party software engine that gets the work done for you in minutes. The system is intuitive and able to generate hundreds of invoice templates to meet billing various clients in all categories of freelancing industries.

There are several invoice generators that anyone can use for free or at a minimal cost online, but Invoice Home is a typical example of them all combined.

Invoice Home has a simple process of use for all categories of online freelancers: create an invoice – email it to client – and get paid promptly. Users can create new invoices using the invoice software by simply adding the necessary information to the creatively designed invoice templates. Creating or editing a professional invoice using the online system affords the user the ability to integrate brand logos amidst other interesting features.

Mailing the finished invoice to clients using Invoice Home is also a breeze, since the system is fully engineered to take care of all such needs. As soon as a client receives the sent invoice, they can make payments pronto using PayPal or credit card options already integrated into the billing invoice. Another advantage to using this invoice creation system is that you can opt for PDF invoices, giving you the ability to convert your MS Word documents to PDF formats after creating them.

Key Features of Invoice Home for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Invoice creation tools and platforms come with various features and applicability; the same can be trusted with Invoice Home. Here then are some of the benefits and features of using this intuitive invoice templates generator:

  • 100+ Free Invoice templates in a variety of designs
  • Intuitive and super fast
  • Basic & Advanced free invoice template designs
  • Download invoices as PDFs or send via Email
  • Copy invoices for speedy invoicing
  • Auto numbering
  • Use your own logo on invoices
  • No “Invoice Home” branding on invoice templates
  • Online payments with PayPal & Authorize.Net
  • Variable Taxes
  • Over 150 currency symbols supported
  • Free & Unlimited plans available

How Anyone Can Use This Invoice Generator

You do not have to hire a graphic designer before customizing the look and feel of your new invoice on Invoice Home. First and foremost, you may need to register with your contact email before you are able to access hundreds of invoice templates.

After registration with your email, you will need to create a new invoice, save it, choose a template and then decide how to get it to your client: email from within the site, download and email from your personal email or download and print.

In customizing your invoice template, you may need to choose between the Basic Form and the Advanced Form. The basic form enables you to input your company name and address, client’s billing address, job description, upload a logo, add invoice number and date, input billing amount and tax information, as well as add payment due date and terms and conditions among other needed items in the necessary fields. You can then save, print or send the completed invoice to clients after you are satisfied with the overall invoice design and layout formats.

The advanced form of the business is not much different from the basic, but there are additional fields to add the due date, ship to city, quantity of service/products among other things.

It must be pointed out that various types of invoices or business documents can be created using the Invoice Home online platform. You can create –

  • Tax invoice
  • Proforma invoice
  • Receipts
  • Sales receipts
  • Quotes
  • Estimates
  • Credit memos
  • Credit notes
  • Purchase orders, etc.

What are you waiting for to get paid for those online jobs you’ve completed? Create your unique invoice right now using Invoice Home software and templates, send them off to your clients and get paid within deadlines like never before.

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