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An Entrepreneur Who Had Made a Big Mark on the World of Today

by Olufisayo
Iskandar Safa

Iskandar Safa currently heads up a global shipbuilding operation called Privinvest that employs more than 2500 committed professionals. He has accomplished the success he enjoys by way of his dedication as well as his knowledge in fields such as business and engineering.

Iskandar is also a notable individual because he generously gives to charity. His path to the tremendous success that he now enjoys has been one where he overcame odds and worked tirelessly to become an individual who now heads up a firm that builds some of the world’s most sophisticated ships.

This accomplishment has clearly set out Iskandar as one of the professional world’s truly distinguished individuals. The bottom line is the fact that it has all been possible since he has pursued his dreams since he was young.

An Icon In The Modern Industry Of Shipbuilding

The Privinvest company is a shipbuilding firm with shipyards located around the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, and European countries such as Germany and France.

This impressive global footprint has become possible due to the tireless efforts put into building the firm that Iskandar Safa has made over the years. He first began the Beirut-based shipbuilding firm during the 1990s alongside his fellow co-founder and brother AkramSafa.

The vision that the brothers had has amounted to one of the most impressive operations ever seen in the field of shipbuilding and the company currently serves clients that range from the private and commercial sectors to the military world.

A Youth Spend Cultivating The Desire To Succeed

Iskandar’s life has been characterized by a constant drive and desire to succeed. This started during a youth spent in his homeland of Lebanon. This youth saw some times where there was political upheaval around him, but it also had positive aspects such as Iskandar’s sports accomplishments as a discus thrower.

He also showed a great deal of promise academically and this led to him being able to pursue his engineering degree at Lebanon’s American University.

Wanting to further diversify his skillset, Iskandar also went on to pursue studies in business administration at INSEAD located in France. With this strong base of knowledge, he embarked on a professional career that eventually led to the Privinvest founding.

Leading A Field Through Innovation

Innovation has always been at the forefront of the work Iskandar Safa does at Privinvest. Innovation and technological sophistication have become hallmarks of the shipbuilding craft at Privinvest over the years.

Whether the firm is building a luxury superyacht, a commercial vessel for shipping purposes, or elite naval vessels, Privinvest is known for a company that produced designs that can only be described as state-of-the-art and innovative. This is why so many elite clients turn to the company when they need to finest ships available anywhere in the world today.

Doing His Part To Make A Better World

Iskandar understands that successful individuals have a social responsibility to the world. Giving back has become a major point of emphasis for him during his professional life.

The dedication to philanthropy that Iskandar has put on display is well worth a significant amount of admiration. His charitable activities are diverse but he has gained particular acclaim recently for the donations he has chosen to make to the efforts the restore the Notre Dame cathedral of Paris, France.

Iskandar has offered up marbles from his own quarry to help restoration experts to return this iconic monument to former glory,

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