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Jack of All Trades – The Benefits of Being a Multi-Skilled Professional in 2017

by Olufisayo
Jack of All Trades

Powerful new developments are already shaping the world of business, influencing the technology-driven future of the workforce we can expect in the future. Investing in your personal development in a wide range of skills, will ensure that you remain a competitive player in the future workforce.

Further post-graduate study in your chosen field, such as a degree in applied finance, ensures that you remain relevant and productive within your industry. Current job seekers are already being advised to demonstrate hybrid skills that can be useful across different arenas, as a merging of functions has become evident in the modern workplace. Read on to find out why becoming a multi-skilled  ‘jack of all trades’, is imperative for your professional development.

Jack of All Trades

Become a valuable asset to the business

Scoring and holding down your dream job requires you to become a valuable and irreplaceable asset to your employer. As you develop your skills, your position within the business grows, too.

This builds your credibility internally, while allowing you to become an authoritative figure in the business for more than one facet. If you are looking to climb the corporate ladder within your industry, becoming a multi-skilled worker is imperative. Personal and professional growth is the key to upward mobility.

Increase your businesses efficiency

As the saying goes, “work smarter, not harder”.

Becoming a multi-skilled professional allows you to efficiently and productively finish tasks to a higher standard, at a fraction of the time. Multi-skilled professionals are able to complete tasks without the need to seek further advice or help from colleagues in other areas of the business.

Furthermore, employees recognize the financial benefits of employing a staff member who can efficiently perform in one role and are likely to offer employment for an increased salary.

Become flexible and adaptable

The workforce can be a fickle place.
Unforeseen events such as the global financial crisis, have had devastating impacts on job seekers as companies slashed their workforces. Technology developments are also having an enormous and lasting impact, with robots and software programs dramatically reducing the need for human labour in many industries.

Employers, therefore, need generalists. Workers who can adapt to these changes quickly and competently perform duties often beyond their job description. This level of versatility acquired by ‘jack of all trade’ workers is now deemed more important than the role of specialists by recruiters. No-one can predict where technology and other factors will take the workforce, but multi-skilled professionals will be ready to adapt to whatever comes.

Be hired

In this economy, employees recognize the need to do more with less.
This means that they are much more likely to hire a multi-skilled worker who can wear a lot of hats, in comparison to another worker who is skilled only in their specific field of study or work. In fact, a US study found that 45 percent of employees said they needed workers with more or different skills for future business.

Many employers now use cross-training to ensure that operations run smoothly if anything goes wrong. That means you need to be flexible and willing to expand your skill set. Adapting to how the world and the workforce is changing, is therefore imperative to being hired in your dream role.

As the world becomes a more connected place, the need for multi-skilled workers grows. New technology developments and trends demand fluid and agile workers. The modern workplace has seen a shift in how we learn, develop and implement new ways of working. Investing in your ongoing professional development in a variety of skills, is therefore key to remaining a competitive player in the modern workforce.

Bio: Laura Costello is in her final year of a Bachelor of Law/International Relations at Latrobe University. She is passionate about the law, the power of social media, and the ability to translate her knowledge of both common and complex topics to readers across a variety of mediums, in a way that is easy to understand.

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