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Jobs You Can’t Get With a DUI

by Olufisayo

In general, it can be difficult to get any job if you have a criminal record. However, a DUI conviction can make an already uncomfortable situation, untenable.

Having a DUI on your record can automatically disqualify you from a number of jobs to include bus driving, teaching, law enforcement, truck driving, outside sales, etc. Furthermore, DUI convictions can limit your opportunities to work with government agencies, government contractors, and the like.

According to DUI attorney Parikh, it’s best to work with a proven DUI attorney to increase the likelihood that your charges are decreased or dropped. In addition to the career opportunities that require driving, there are a plethora of companies (with positions that don’t require travel) that will not hire someone with a criminal record. Learn more about the jobs you can’t get with a DUI conviction below.

Getting a Job With a DUI on Your Record

Competition for well-paying jobs with excellent benefits is at an all-time high. One tool that employers use to weed out potential job seekers is the background check. In many cases, if an employer is presented with two candidates with similar attributes, they will often choose the candidate without a criminal record over the candidate with one.

While some states have instituted laws to prevent this from occurring (during the interview process), it still happens at an alarming rate. With this in mind, some useful strategies for applying to a job when you have a DUI conviction include:

  • Honesty: Be transparent with your potential employer. When asked, inform them of your criminal record and if comfortable, explain how you have used it to your benefit.
  • Know Your Rights: Some states like California, do not allow employers to ask about criminal history during the interview process. It can only be asked after an offer has been made.
  • Resilience: Getting a job with a DUI can be difficult, but it is not impossible. You may hear “no” many times, but there are a number of employers that will give you another opportunity.

Best Strategy For Keeping Your License

Many occupations require that workers have an active driver’s license and a clean driving record. This is especially true of jobs that require a CDL or other type of professional driving license. If you are already employed in a position that requires you to drive (when charged with DUI), it is likely that your employer will terminate your contract.

They may choose to make this decision for a number of reasons to include safety, insurance costs, loss of trust, etc. If you are facing a DUI charge, it is in your best interest to connect with a proven DUI attorney that can work on your behalf for a favorable ruling on your case.

How to Find a Proven DUI Attorney

Knowing that you need an attorney is one thing, finding an experienced and proven attorney is another. A DUI conviction can have a negative effect on your finances, family, and career. Thus, the attorney you choose will have a major impact on the outcome of the case. When searching, check for online reviews as well as ratings on sites like Yelp, Google, etc.

When you have narrowed down your choices, give them a call and ask about their experience, trial record, and fee structure. Once you have a few that you like, choose the attorney that you feel the most confident in (based on the reviews, ratings, and experience). Though no attorney can guarantee a successful outcome, working with one will certainly improve your odds.

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