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Joy of Holidays and Gift Wrap

by Olufisayo
Joy of Holidays and Gift Wrap

In the modern world of globalization, simple or cheap logistics and the tendency of the manufacturing business expansion, there are a few sellers, who are lucky enough to stand out with unique positions in the range. We are all selling the same product, often at the same price, recommended by the manufacturer.

Still, sellers make their living by different methods.

Someone focuses on reducing costs. The truth is that every entrepreneur had to go such a difficult way. At the same time, each of them should be careful. It is also important not to overdo it.

Joy of Holidays and Gift Wrap

The second way to earn more is to sell the accessories and additional services. Some of them may achieve values exceeding average the goods (that form the basis of the range) by several times.

This range of services will help you not only attract clients attention by the so-called  “suitable solution”, but also could increase the margin substantially.

In the anticipation of the holidays the problem of gift package is especially acute. Most of the clients need personalizing of beautiful packaging for many gifts. It follows that you could make good money on it. Strictly speaking, the cost price of a gift wrapping paper and ribbon is significantly less than the cost of such services. Therefore, cash expenses will be minimal.

Moreover, in the last days before Christmas and New Year, people are very busy with the preparations and every minute counts. In this situation, the client determines the fact that he did not have to spend extra time looking for and visit a specialized store for package, so the price is mere detail.

Like any service, gift packaging can be a marketing tool. For example, you can offer it for client as a gift when one buying something for a certain amount of money. There’s one important think to understand:  gift wrapping option isn’t included in most content management systems by default, so either you’re using Magento or Shopify, you’ll have to make such customization or buy a ready extension.

At competent and skillful approach of such shares, the average bill can grow certainly. Moreover, nothing prevents you to order a paper with logo of your company. This will allow you to attract many new customers and improve brand awareness and reputation.

Such idea, as always, has its pitfalls, which should to be avoided in implementing of the service. Therefore, I will try to warn you.

If you implement a package of gifts as a paid service, do not hesitate and do not ask for too little. In the end, it will take time for your employees. In the other hand, price should not be frightening. If the order paper has the logo, it should not dominate in the pattern.

Remember, that we speak about giftwrapping paper, which should create a feeling of joy and feast.  Try to make your logo neatly fit into the picture. It should not draw one’s eye. In any case, do not drive service in binding framework. You should be ready to pack not only goods purchased from you, but also brought by the client: this will not only earn more money, but also help you “to bind” some clients thanks to normal human interaction.

Like any service, gift-wrapping requires advertising. If you want to convey to potential customers about some campaigns – you should place colorful labels on the product pages or even banners on the homepage, categories, offer customers this service during the checkout. Otherwise, you will lose 90% of the profit.

Do not be lazy and offer your customers additional services like giftwrapping. In such a way you will help the client to avoid scheduling unnecessary trips to the shops of gift packaging. Just make your customers happy!

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