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Key Equipment Every Construction Company Should Own

by Olufisayo
Construction Equipment

Construction is a rapidly burgeoning field with many people looking to set themselves up as builders or construction owners.

For those who are handy and who enjoy creating things, it seems like a very natural place to focus attention and energy, especially if you are looking to set yourself up in business.

But it isn’t just a case of buying a wheelbarrow, a few spades, a ladder, and a utility vehicle and then you are golden. There is a lot more to it than that, and a lot of serious equipment that you will need to invest in.

With that in mind, here are some of the key items that you should plan and budget for before you decide that setting up your own construction company is the way to go.


You need to ensure that you are able to operate independently of the power grid. This could be due to the location of the job or the fact that construction sites are often not yet connected to the grid or they have been disconnected. Whatever the reason a good builder will have access to generator.

Do your research and look at budgets because there are plenty of options. You could go for anything from multiple 500kva generators to a 45kva one.

They are big and they are costly, and you don’t even have to buy one outright – but at the very worst find a supplier you can trust to rent one from and put their number into your speed dial.


Working in the dark is never easy so you need to ensure that you have solutions to the darkness problem. If you can solve it through the purchase of led lights or find a place where there are street lights for sale, then you will automatically ensure that the amount of time when you can work the site will increase.

There may be by-laws preventing you from working after certain times, but if there is not then an abundance of light will mean that you can go on for as long as you feel necessary to get the job done.


One of the most basic essentials for anyone looking to make a go of it in the construction trade is scaffolding. It is bulky and tricky to lug around. It is a pain to store, but it is absolutely essential, and you will get nowhere without it.

There is a place for ladders for sure, but nobody ever built a house using a ladder. You need scaffolding and you need to make a reasonable investment to ensure that you have enough. It is a good thing to purchase second-hand if budgets are tight.


As jobs get bigger you will find that a small cement mixer will become vital. You cannot keep mixing on the ground with a bucket and a spade.

Small time thinking will never get you the bigger jobs with the better business profit margins, you need to think big. It is a key investment to make and one that you won’t regret.

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