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Kiss Cutting: When Precise Accuracy Meets Fast Turnaround Times

by Olufisayo
Kiss Cutting

The process of kiss cutting involves accurate cutting for manufactured parts that enables the parts to stay connected to a liner or carrier tape. The techniques allow the parts to be distributed in a roll or as individual parts.

The equipment used for the precise cuts won’t slice through the backing for the parts and maintains the integrity of the parts and the supportive materials. The parts remain on the backing until the client uses the products.

Creating a More Precise Product

When cutting parts for any products, the manufacturers need accurate cuts that do not leave jagged edges or defects. The process follows the exact specifications entered into the GUI and won’t lead to material waste or imperfections that lead to financial losses. Manufacturers need an extraordinary technique that cuts the materials faster and ensures all parts pass inspections. The manufacturers can get this with Kiss Cutting Services now.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Parts

Manufacturers and suppliers that offer parts for other businesses use kiss-cutting processes to produce the parts efficiently. The techniques maintain the integrity of all parts and the packaging, and the turnaround time is reduced significantly. Clients won’t be dissatisfied with the orders, and the cutters won’t damage the backing before packaging the parts for shipment.

Safer Delivery and Distribution

Since the parts stay on the backing, the transport process is more efficient and safer for the manufacturers. The owner won’t return parts returned to the company because the products didn’t meet the client’s expectations. The backing offers adequate cushioning for the parts, and a reduction in product returns improves the profitability of the company and lowers the risk of serious losses.

A Terrific Choice for All Materials

Kiss cutting is a great option for plastics, rubber, and foam materials. Clients have more choices for the parts and products, and the manufacturer can offer a variety of services for the customers. The cutting process is safe for most materials used for the parts, and the clients can choose from a variety of backings for the orders. Kiss cutting is a common choice for customers who want adhesive-backed foils, vinyl products, and even stickers.

Safe and Secure Way to Mass Produce Parts

Mass production is a must for parts distributors and maximizes their profits. Manufacturers can fulfill larger orders in a shorter time. Some businesses implement robotics to send the products from one department to the next faster and reduce the amount of money the owner spends on production.

Kiss cutting is used to create a variety of products that require backing and molds to prevent damage when transporting the parts to the clients. The techniques eliminate inconsistencies that prove costly later and prevent clients from getting the most out of the parts ordered from the manufacturers.

The manufacturing processes cut through a top layer of the selected materials and won’t disconnect the parts from the adhered backing. The workers can roll up the parts into a roll instead of packing the products individually into boxes for shipping. This gives the companies a faster process and cuts down on manufacturing and delivery times. The clients can get all parts faster and pull the parts from the backing before use. The packaging and backing prevent damage to the parts during handling.

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

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