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Which Kushy Punch Edible Product Is Right for You?

by Olufisayo
Kushy Punch Edible Product

You’re probably well aware of the current publicity surrounding cannabis (aka marijuana, weed, kush, pot). It’s widely used as a recreational substance across the country, and the number of state governments that have legalized or decriminalized it is growing rapidly. Many people are also lauding cannabis as a potential treatment for various conditions, from anxiety and depression to chronic pain and epilepsy.

There are a lot of ways to partake in cannabis use, including inhaling it by smoking or vaping the dry herb or applying it topically as a cream. But perhaps the best option is consuming cannabis in edible form. Edible products are delicious, discrete, easy to transport, and simple to dose, and they lead to a crisp and refreshing high (which can’t always be said for smoking a joint).

The effects of edibles also tend to last longer than alternative methods. Kushy Punch is a California-based edible company that provides a variety of products in Michigan, with Nevada and Arizona on the horizon.

Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and the Endocannabinoid System

The Cannabis sativa plant is made up of hundreds of chemical compounds, a significant percentage of which are called cannabinoids. We don’t know exactly how many cannabinoids are present in the plant, but estimates range from 60 to more than 100. Cannabinoids are potent chemical compounds that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system – imitating the endocannabinoids that our bodies naturally produce – to deliver serious results.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most well-known cannabinoid, and it’s responsible for most of the feelings of euphoria and pleasant disorientation that come along with a typical marijuana high. Most of the other cannabinoids are nonpsychoactive, like CBD (cannabidiol), which is also getting a lot of attention these days for its ability to cause powerful feelings of relaxation.

The ratio of THC to CBD, as well as the other minor cannabinoids present in the plant, plays an important role in the varying effects offered by different cannabis strains. A strain with more THC, for example, is likely to be more uplifting and cause you to feel more energetic and creative. A strain with more CBD, on the other hand, will probably make you feel more relaxed with its physically sedating and anxiety-melting effects.

Apart from cannabinoids, terpenes also play a role in the varying effects from strain to strain. Terpenes are aromatic oils that are secreted from the same glands as cannabinoids, and just like cannabinoids, each terpene is associated with different effects. They also affect the smell and taste of cannabis, so some experienced users can predict how a certain strain will affect them based on its fragrance.

Because each of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant has its own list of potential effects, if you choose to consume cannabis in edible form, it’s important to choose a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum product (as opposed to a product made with a THC or CBD isolate oil) to experience all of the benefits that the cannabis plant has to offer.

Kushy Punch uses only full-spectrum oil in all of its edibles, which contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that occur naturally in the cannabis plant, all of which work in tandem to help you feel your best, whether you’re using the company’s products recreationally or as a treatment for a medical or mental health condition (or both).

At the end of the day, there are a lot of different types of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the Cannabis sativa plant and so many different strains and cultivars (with more cropping up all the time) now that cannabis use and cultivation has become more mainstream.

Because of this, researching the entire chemical structure of every cannabis product or strain you plan to consume can feel like a full-time job. For that reason, industry leaders and casual consumers alike have, for some time, relied on a more simple way to determine the possible effects of specific strains by breaking them up into three categories: sativas, indicas, and hybrids.


“Sativa” cannabis plants are tall in stature and have narrow, elegant-looking leaves. They have longer flowering cycles than other varieties, so they grow better in warmer climates with a longer growing season.

Sativa strains generally provide more of a “head high” than a “body high,” with most users feeling invigorated and energetic. Sativas are great for social activities, and many people even report that they’re able to tap into their creativity more easily after partaking in sativa cannabis use.

For those looking for an uplifting cerebral high, Kushy Punch offers sativa gummies. They are strawberry flavored, and the package contains 100 total milligrams of THC. Each gummy contains a 10 milligram dose, but some people require only 5 milligrams, so the gummies can be torn or bitten in half easily.


Cannabis strains that fall under the “indica” category grow into plants that have a shorter stature than their sativa counterparts, and the individual leaves are broader. They have shorter flowering cycles than sativas as well, so they’re better suited for colder climates that have shorter growing periods.

Indica strains tend to be more sedating and relaxing than sativas, and most people feel that sedation more in their bodies than in their minds, which often leads to what recreational users refer to as “couch lock.” For this reason, indica strains tend to be better for nighttime use and work well to combat insomnia. They’re also ideal for chill activities like watching a movie.

Kushy Punch sells a pack of indica gummies that are best suited for nighttime use. For most people, consuming indica products leads to intense feelings of relaxation and sedation and, eventually, a great night’s sleep. It’s important to remember, however, that some people also do well with indicas during the day, especially people with conditions like anxiety or ADHD who might benefit from some calming effects but might not end up feeling super sedated. The Kushy Punch indica edibles are plum flavored, and when you purchase a pack, you get 10 doses with 10 milligrams of THC each.


Because there’s been so much crossbreeding, the majority of dry herb strains on the market today are hybrids of some sort, meaning that they fall somewhere between a straight indica or sativa. However, even among hybrids, strains can lean toward one end of the spectrum and be either “indica-dominant” or “sativa-dominant” hybrids. The benefit of smoking, vaping, or consuming a hybrid strain is that you get the best of both worlds.

Kushy Punch offers a hybrid gummy product for those seeking both relaxation and energy, and it’s suitable for most people to take any time of day. These hybrid gummies could lead to an adventurous day on the town or a calm night in, so they’re perfect for anyone looking for versatility in their cannabis product of choice.

Kushy Punch Edible Product

Other Kushy Punch Products

Apart from its lineup of standard indica, sativa, and hybrid gummies, Kushy Punch also carries a Private Reserve gummy, which it calls “the dab of edibles.” It tastes like strawberry lemonade and delivers 95 percent pure THC with each dose. For those looking for a balance of THC and CBD, Kushy Punch offers a gummy product called Recover, which contains 60 milligrams of THC and 30 milligrams of CBD in 10 doses that taste like black and blue raspberry.

Those looking for a sugar-free option are also in luck, as the company sells a lychee-flavored edible product that leaves out the sugar without compromising on taste or quality. And for people who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC, Kushy Punch offers a range of CBD products, which still use full-spectrum oil but don’t contain enough THC to get you high.

Choosing the Best Product for You

Going entirely off of whether a strain is a sativa, an indica, or a hybrid isn’t the most reliable way to determine exactly how a strain will affect you. You also have to take into account the specific chemical makeup of the strain and your own biology and tolerance.

At the end of the day, you can’t know for sure how a cannabis strain or product will affect you until you try it. However, relying on the three-part classification can be a valuable tool to help guide you in the right direction when deciding between the vast array of cannabis products available today.

Kushy Punch edibles are a great place to start because the company provides products that span the indica-sativa spectrum (with clear labeling to make deciding what to purchase as simple as possible). Each of the company’s products are low calorie, low (or no) sugar, and non GMO.

They’re also made with 100 percent organic colors and flavors and don’t contain gluten, dairy, peanuts, or fat. Plus, when you purchase a pack of Kushy Punch edibles, you can feel confident knowing that, because the company uses only full-spectrum oil in its products, you’re getting all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and naturally beneficial effects that cannabis has to offer.

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