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Social Media Content Ideas That Are Ideal For Law Firms

by Olufisayo
Social Media Content Ideas

So, you’re a lawyer with plenty of social media platforms. You’ve uploaded images, a nice profile picture, and a banner photo. Then you’ve updated your company bio and made sure that all your social media platforms and websites are linked to help boost your SEO and to make things easier for your followers.

But now, you’re stumped. Your ideas have run dry and you’re wondering what you should post about next. You’re a law firm, so you can’t post about specific cases, clients or go into great detail about what you’ve been working on lately. So…what can you post about? Click here to find out more about Facebook marketing for lawyers.

Frustratingly, this is the dilemma that many legal firms face daily. They understand the importance of regular social media posting, how to boost their SEO, and keep themselves connected to their clients, but what should they post in order to achieve it?

Here we’ll take a look at some simple social media content inspiration for law firms.

Behind the scene photos

Put your clients and potential clients at ease by showing them that you’re approachable, friendly lawyers. You’re just normal people in normal offices, and want to do your job to the best of your ability. Behind the scenes, photos can include what your offices look like, pictures of meetings, colleagues sharing a break, or something more personal like your favorite coffee mug or office plant.

Ask questions

People love giving their opinions online, so if you want to keep your social media busy and get some valuable feedback at the same time, consider asking clients questions to get them engaged and interacting with you. How can we make you feel at ease during our meetings? Is our payments and fees policy clear enough? Were you happy with your settlement? Are all good places to start.

Post quotes

Something inspirational? Or something to help you tackle your Monday morning, or how to weather a storm. Posting quotes that are inspirational, helpful, and even comedic are a great way to interact with your clients and get your content shared on their pages!

Links to your blog

Updated the company blog over on your website? Start sending some traffic over there. Let all your followers know about your latest addition by posting on all your platforms.

And finally…post about the news

Is there a high profile divorce case happening at the moment? Or an infamous criminal case that everyone is following? By posting about current events it shows that your finger is on the pulse. And it’s a great way to start a conversation or a discussion on your social media platforms, giving you and your business more exposure.

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