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4 Types of Lawyers Every Entrepreneur Should Have on Speed Dial

by Olufisayo
Types of Lawyers

Your Smartphone should always have the best of the best on standby. As an entrepreneur, the right lawyer usually equals a less problematic confrontation. When your life’s work is in danger, these are the four types of lawyers that should be prioritized.

1. Car Accident

If you have the Best Car Accident Lawyers in lasvegas, then consider yourself part of an elite club. Car accidents happen in a flash and usually put you in a vulnerable position. In a short amount of time, your life can completely change for the worse.

What you do and say in the moment matters, and the truth is that a single slipup can cost you everything. Having a car accident lawyer on speed dial is a huge benefit in this situation.

2. Contract

Solid business dealings are related to smart choices. A bad contract can sink your entire company, and leave you owing more than you actually put in. Wording matters, so if you don’t pay attention to the contract, it will always work against you.

This is where a contract lawyer earns their paycheck and becomes the greatest addition to a company. A contract lawyer can be brought aboard during the creation of the company or after. But the most important part of hiring one is to make sure that they specialize in finding the finest details of every contract.

3. Intellectual Property

Intellectual property lawyers are your best line of defense when it comes to protecting ideas or products. Copycats are always looking for the next big thing, and inaction on your part can prevent your business from being successful. An IP attorney’s guidance is irreplaceable, and you’ll find they have your company’s best interest in mind.

For truly unique business ideas, an IP attorney is mandatory to protect issues with trademarks, patents, and copyrights. If you plan on moving forward without an IP attorney, then prepare to spend countless hours and resources filling that role. When money is on the line, there will always be someone willing to bypass the law to get more. Protect your company, and as a result, you’ll protect yourself.

4. Tax

Mishandled taxes have been the downfall of many successful companies. Smaller companies that ignore the usefulness of a tax lawyer will often lean on the accounting software to handle the load. If nothing bad happens, they continue moving forward without worrying about repercussions. But when you least expect it, tax issues will creep up to ravage your business.

Unfortunately, there are not enough FAQs in the world to help you out of this situation. A Tax lawyer can come in and right the ship, but tax lawyers are at their best when they are hired from the beginning. Just like an intellectual property lawyer, the advice given is invaluable to the growth of your business.

Make A Wise Choice

Waiting until the last minute will cause problems for everyone involved. You’re not Houdini, so don’t try to pull a random lawyer out of your contacts list. Have the right person on speed dial so that they can defend you as quickly as possible.

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