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From Lead to Conversion: 8 Actionable Tips to Turn Leads Into Sales

by Olufisayo
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Being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a daily grind that requires passion and consistency in order to succeed.

It takes a willingness to learn and diligently apply that knowledge into every single business decision that you make.

Such is the way with finding ways of achieving higher conversion rates. You’ve found ways of gathering high-quality leads, now how do you turn those leads into sales?

Fortunately, there are several techniques for turning lead to conversion rates you’ll be happy with.

Here are several tips that you can put into action for your sales campaigns and start bringing in more income.

1. High-Quality Content

You’ve taken the first step and equipped yourself with a highly successful lead generation solution. In other words, you have the tools in place to direct people to your website.

Now how can you take those site visitors and start pointing them towards buying your products or service? It all starts with the content on your site.

Site users, in today’s world, can have the answer to their questions within a few seconds of reading an article or page on a site. Your website needs to offer that same level of high-quality content.

Now you have to use call to actions (CTAs) in order to direct them to your product that can solve their problems.

2. Use Incentives

Those leads that you’ve generated have probably considered purchasing your product a time or two already. Now you need to give them a reason to stop pushing it off and buy right now.

Incentives are a perfect way to do that. They give customers more bang for their buck and it adds trust to your brand image.

Things such as including a free gift with their purchase, free shipping, or a significant discount is a great way to get the higher conversions going.

3. Load Up the Testimonials

Your leads want to know that they aren’t the only ones who will be buying or have previously purchased your product.

Testimonials are an incredible way to show the success your current customers are experiencing because of your product or service.

More than likely, the benefits your clients speak of in their testimonials are the exact benefits your leads are currently looking for. Showing those in action will prompt your leads to invest in the benefits other clients are seeing.

4. Simplistic Site Navigation

One of the worst things you can do is have a website that’s hard for your site users to find their way through.

If they can’t get to the exact page they want to in a matter of 1-2 clicks, they’ll hop off your site and you may never see them again.

Whatever you do, make sure your site drop-down menu is consistent on every single page of your site. Use page labels that are short and concise. As long as you provide that, the site visitor will be happy to scroll through your website.

5. Construct a Frequently Asked Questions Page

There may be only a few questions that are preventing those leads you’re generating from purchasing your products.

However, it’s highly unlikely that site visitors in today’s era will actually pick up the phone and call the number on your site. Since that’s the case… bring the questions to them!

Set up a frequently asked questions page that answers all the common questions your employees are hearing from clients. A few minor answers might be all those leads need to dive headfirst into the point of purchase.

6. Use Videos to Your Advantage

Those leads that you’re wanting to convert prefer video over any other content that you’re pushing out to them.

Be sure to construct videos that include a call to action in them within the first 5 seconds of each video. From there, you’ll have their attention enough to go into answering common questions.

These videos allow you to show your brand’s style and make it much more relatable than other forms of content.

7. Use the Power of Images

The lead generation tool that you’ve purchased won’t do you any good if you don’t have a visibly-pleasing website to direct your leads to.

If the site is an eyesore, your target customers will run for the hills. One of the best ways to draw leads in is with the images you’re using. Be sure to display images on a consistent basis throughout the website.

Also, make a point to keep a consistent style of your images, preferably by using a professional photographer.

8. Prioritize Your Email Marketing

Now that you’ve generated the email addresses of your new leads, it’s time to up your email marketing campaigns.

Be sure to keep your emails short and with a clear call to action each time. Have a plan for how often you’ll be sending out emails and stick to it.

Keep the emails as personable as possible, make sure they can be read in a mobile formatting, and use the insights of each campaign to fuel your next one.

Lead to Conversion: Variety Is Key

Now that you’ve seen all the different ways to produce a higher lead to conversion rate for your business, it’s time to put them to practice.

Make sure that you’re attacking these leads from several different angles, rather than just using one or two of the tips listed above.

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