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Importance of Good Leadership in Business

by Olufisayo
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Every organization has leaders and how well the leaders manage their team has a huge impact on the success of the organization. Truth be told, not all team leaders are the same; some might be a little reserved while others freely communicate with the staff. The chances are that the one who openly communicates with the staff will be more loved compared to the reserved one, but that does not disqualify the leadership of the other party.

What is leadership? It is the capacity of an individual or a group of people to influence and manage others into achieving the set objectives. One thing for sure is that employees will only work better if they feel like they are part of the organization. Ordering them around is as good as lowering their morale. As such, every leader must be equipped with the necessary leadership skills to be able to lead the pack. Today, there are online leadership courses that the managers can enroll in to better understand what leadership is all about. Let us now look at some of the benefits of good leadership;

1. Builds morale

As a leader, the moment you enter the office and find all employees in a rather bad mood, it means that there is definitely a problem. A good leader is one who will realize such behavioral changes and address them immediately. Sometimes, all employees need is someone who can listen to them and act accordingly. By so doing, the employees will feel like you actually care for them and will most definitely work with a lot of psych to ensure that they do their jobs as expected and meet the deadlines accordingly.

2. Provides guidance

Can you imagine going to work in a new organization and being handed over all the documents without instructions? For one, you will be confused as you do not know what is expected of you and secondly, it is simply unprofessional. Similarly, employees always find it hard to work without being given instructions on what exactly is expected of them. As such, a good leader is one who will take their time and guide their employees by effectively communicating to them more on the goals and objectives they should achieve.

3. Initiates action

Leaders are meant to manage employees into attaining the set objectives. The leader is the one who will steer the employees to ensure that they do their job as expected.  After communicating to the employees about what should be done, it is imperative for the leader to have a plan as well as delegate the tasks accordingly. Employees work best with timelines; leaders should always ensure that any project has a timeline to give time for other projects to be done. Besides, sticking to only one project for a long time means that you will be delaying other projects that need your attention too.

4. Initiates change

It is typical for employees to be a bit reluctant to agree on a given change being introduced into the organization. But the truth of the matter is that change is inevitable, and it is up to the leaders to be in a position to be able to initiate the change. For instance, if the employees should start reporting to work 15 minutes earlier, they are bound to reject this strongly. However, with a good plan and leadership style, the employees can be able to take the change positively and adapt to it fast. Before initiating the change, leaders should make sure that the employees understand why the change had to be made, why they need to be on board, and how it will be implemented.

5. Helps to solve conflicts

Organizations have employees from all walks of life, as such conflicts are bound to arise from time and again. Leaders should always ensure that the employees are in good terms for better coordination. As such, in the case of a conflict, the leader should listen to both parties and settle the case without being biased.

6. Cultivates organizational culture

One of the reasons why people prefer one organization compared to another is because of the culture a particular organization holds. If an organization is known to treat their employees well, then most definitely many people will want to work there. It is up to the leaders to ensure that the employees are heard and their issues are well dealt with. Employees who feel like their views matter to the organization are bound to stick with the organization at all times. As a result, the employees can work better with the management and cultivate a strong organizational culture.

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