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3 Essential Tricks to Learn from Interviews with Successful Businessmen

by Olufisayo
3 Essential Tricks to Learn from Interviews with Successful Businessmen

Nowadays interviews with successful businessmen are easy enough to access – and aside from conventional means such as business magazines and newspapers, you’ll find that streaming video websites like YouTube are an absolute treasure trove of interviews.

Learning from these interviews is a great idea – but there are a few essential tricks of doing so.

3 Essential Tricks to Learn from Interviews with Successful Businessmen

1. Choose the right interviews

Not all interviews are equal, and choosing to watch the right interviews is extremely important. Needless to say, the person being interviewed matters a lot and you want to ensure that they really are a genuine source of good information – but on top of that the interviewer and the types of questions they’re asking matters as well.

Try to pinpoint interviewers who tend to ask great and business related questions, and follow up on the answers adequately. That way you’ll get a lot more information than from a ‘puff’ interview.

2. Take notes

How many times have you been listening to an interview and nodded along while thinking that some of the things that were said were really good – and then proceeded to completely forget about it 5 minutes later. When you’re watching interviews, take short notes – either on a notepad, or your smartphone or tablet, or anything really. If you want you can even jot down the rough time into the interview with your notes so referring back will be easy.

3. Save great tips from interviews

Thanks to screen capture software such as the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can actually save some of the great tips from the interview. Use it to capture the region where the interview is playing, and then trim out all the unnecessary parts and just save the clip that contains the pertinent information.

If you make this a policy with all the interviews that you watch you can even then merge those clips together and create a reference video that you can optimize for your smartphone or tablet and carry with you at all times.

Assuming you’re worried that you’re not quite sure how save and record interviews, rest assured the Movavi Screen Capture Studio ( www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-capture-streaming-video.html ) makes it easy and intuitive. Its features will allow you to cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, use special effects and filters, add customizable text, insert audio tracks, and much more – all of which is completely straightforward.

Go ahead and try it out so that you can start transforming the interviews that you watch into a valuable resource of information that you can carry around with you, learn from, and implement to improve your own business skills. After all – to be the best it makes sense to learn from the best.

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