Learn How to Pay Less for Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is an essential safety net for all American motorists. While we all know how vital auto insurance is, most of us would prefer spending our money on other things. But what if you could pay less for auto insurance and have cash left over for life’s little luxuries? Are you savvy enough when purchasing your auto insurance policy?

This informative and entertaining quiz tests your knowledge of popular money-saving strategies like bundling policies, shopping around, purchasing a high-deductible plan, and eliminating unnecessary coverage. Read through the instant feedback on your answers to learn more about the bad habits and purchase decisions that raise your auto insurance premiums. There are just eight multiple-choice questions in all, so you can take the quiz while you’re on a coffee break or during the commercials of your favorite TV show.


How to Pay Less for Your Auto Insurance


You’ll feel part of the Health IQ community as you’re told how many other quizzers got each answer right. Make sure to send a virtual high-five to some of the other members who blitzed the quiz. Check your score on the leaderboard and decide how to spend your Elite points. Every correctly answered question gets you closer to attractive incentives like special life insurance rates, charity donations made in your name, and tickets to international sporting events. Learn whether you’re doing all you can to lower your premiums and have a bit of fun at the same time when you take the Auto Insurance: Maximize Your Savings quiz.


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