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Is Learning WordPress Good for Front-End Developer?

by Olufisayo
Learning WordPress

You are very accustomed to JavaScript, HTML, WYSIWYG editor, and CSS, so learning WordPress as a front-end developer may not be necessary.

But why do front-end developers still find time to study and explore this open source content management system?

Here are some reasons you should learn WordPress although you have in-depth knowledge and experience on CSS, Java, and JavaScript:

Acquire More High-Paying and Loyal Clients

According to Netcraft, approximately 35% of the World Wide Web uses WordPress. It is estimated that the CMS powers more than 455,000,000 websites.

A 2015 survey also found that over 1.1 million WordPress domains are registered every six months.

Imagine if you are not well-versed in WordPress. You might lose a number of high-paying and potential clients to your customers, which you do not want to happen.

Although you are knowledgeable on HTML, studying WordPress is worth your time. Trust us! Expect more web development projects along the way!

It is Easy for Clients to Use

Have you ever wondered why the content management system has gained massive popularity in different corners of the world?

Why do people switch to WordPress? While WordPress provides excellent features, bloggers and developers fall in love with its ease of use. Yes, its interface is very straightforward and simple.

There is no prior experience or knowledge needed. Even your less tech-savvy clients would enjoy using it without too many hassles.

If you have not used WordPress before, you do not have to feel afraid as it is beginner-friendly.

It is Open-Source

WordPress is an open-source CMS, so you can be sure that the system is updated. That means your client’s website will always be compatible with the latest technological trends.

Like any other content management system, a WordPress-powered website tends to slow down its speed. But it is not left unattended for a more extended period as WordPress addresses the problem as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the update will not be automatic. You have to install every available update so that your system will be free of bugs. Plus, it can perform in a manner that competes with the competition.

A Quick Way to Create a Website

Perhaps, your clients need a responsive and professional-looking website as soon as possible. WordPress can help you meet the deadline.

All you have to do is find a domain name for the site, sign up for a quality web hosting, have the CMS installed, choose a theme, get some plugins, and start creating the pages.

Overall, this would only take a few hours, especially when you are a highly experienced front-end developer.

For businesses, they could transfer their brick and mortar store online, making internet visibility and compete with their competitors effectively.

A Good Learning Experience

You should never stop learning whatever profession you choose and practice.

As a front-end developer, you probably are knowledgeable of HTML and JavaScript. What else would you want to learn? Maybe, you come to the point in life where you believe you know everything. But the truth is that you have many things to explore as a professional.

WordPress, for example, is another learning experience you could be proud of. Although the CMS may not be necessary at the moment, it could widen your perspective and skill set.

Also, remember that there is no permanent in this world but change. Certainly, there would be new trends in the industry. So, you should always be open to learning. That’s one of the qualities of a successful front-end developer.

It Will Open More Opportunities

You have a wide background in HTML and WordPress. So, expect many career opportunities in the future.

Businesses, who plan to build their websites, are searching for a multi-talented front-end website developers.

That means you would be getting a high demand from the public. A lot of businesses, regardless of size, would be looking for you no matter how expensive your services are.

Although you have a busy schedule, find time to learn something different, and WordPress is worth your attention.

Yes, it would be challenging to manage your time. But all of your efforts will pay off soon.

Do you want to always challenge yourself? Learning WordPress will be a great experience!

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

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