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Life hacks for renovating your home

by Olufisayo
Home renovation life hacks

There is a great joy to renovating your home and adding some new life to an old place. If you own your own place, renovating is the time when you can begin to make your home feel like it is truly and uniquely yours.

You have free reign to put your stamp on it. It’s a wonderful time to dream big and if you’re involved in the renovation’s handson, even though it is hard work and often stressful, you will have stories to tell and be able to look upon and enjoy your hard work. Unfortunately, it is often the first time one does this kind of thing and so the learning curve is steep, and you learn lessons the hard way.

Once you’re done with the project you wish you could start over again and apply everything you’ve learned along the way. So, if you haven’t renovated before and what a few ideas on life hacks for renovating your home, here is a list of four that could help you.

Shop online

When it comes to things that don’t require having set eyes on before they arrive, things that come in standard quality and sizes, rather shop online. Do this as much as possible as it will save you countless trips to the hardware store.

It is worth it to rather buy PVC pipe online and getting it delivered. Much more practical than trying to source it and then figure out how to transport the goods back home.

Get cheap or free stuff

Look for salvage yards that demolish houses and organise the building materials that are salvaged. You can pick up perfectly good building material at a fraction of the price such as roof tiles, floor tiles, bricks, beams, window frames.

If what you need doesn’t require perfection, like bricks that will be plastered over and never seen, you can ask for chipped bricks for free. You can also go to factories and find out what they do with their seconds. Chances are they’ll be selling them off for next to nothing and that is a great way to save money.

Have a garden sharing party

Instead of a house warming, invite your friends and family for a garden share party and ask them each to bring a plant from their garden that they can share with you.

Plants that are easy to do this work are succulents that take root easily from cuttings or bulbs where they can be cut down to the bulb and transplanted. You can even ask them to bring seeds and start a small nursery growing different plants from seed.

Go away on holiday

Renovating can be stressful and exhausting. If you’re having your kitchen renovation and don’t need to be therefore the entire time, take yourself off for a holiday away. Although you might not feel like it is a good time costwise, you will thank yourselves later. It is better sometimes to leave it up to the professionals and take a break. 

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