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Life Missions, a Progress Mindset, and Life Multipliers

by Olufisayo
Life Missions

Without the ability to set goals, focus on the steps and work needed to achieve those goals, and change one’s mindset along the way, success as an entrepreneur cannot be guaranteed.

Goals need a rebrand: we call them life missions. In addition to coming up with a goal—say, to learn a programming language or to be more assertive with your in-laws—it’s important to understand who you are, what makes you tick, and how you deal with others around you.

Life missions are programmed into your subconscious and the reason why you care deeply about certain things. Once you recognize these life missions, you will be a lot more successful.

However, you do not need to make sacrifices in order to achieve these life missions. Sacrifices are bad—they cause pain and suffering.

We’ve seen time and time again that most people think that they have to compromise on the mission: they think they have to give up a lot in order to get to where they think they need to be.

But this is all wrong. Giving up one thing for another just causes frustration and even misery, especially if it’s something we enjoy or something that we have previously worked hard to achieve.

Instead, it’s important to learn to compromise the method—not the mission. We believe that people can change HOW they do things rather than abandoning one thing for another. The right skills and the right mindset can help with this.

Failure is not really failure

It’s time we all stop thinking about situations as binary: you win or you lose, with nothing in between. Such a view puts too much pressure on ourselves to win at all costs for fear of losing—or to beat ourselves up when we lose—that we never give ourselves the opportunity for true growth.

This is known as a progress or growth mindset. As long as people can capture something from the experience—growth, learning, observations, and improvement, no matter how large or small—you’ve succeeded.

This is not a new concept, and we’re not the only ones who’ve been advocating for this. Yet I’m always surprised how much stock people still put into winning or losing without realizing the learning or discovery that happens along the way.

Reprogramming instead of willpower

Consistent actions—doing what is necessary, regularly, and to the best of one’s abilities—are the answer, of course.

But we also realize that these regular behaviors take a lot of willpower, and certainly a lot of energy. And that can get very tiring, very fast.

Instead of just relying on willpower, we encourage people to train themselves to be able to carry out these consistent behaviors effortlessly, as if they were on autopilot.

This requires a bit of re-programming so that taking actions towards your life missions becomes something you do unconsciously—as effortlessly as watching TV or going for a jog.

The most effective people, the top performers, create systems in which success is fully integrated into their daily lives.

Life Multipliers

Not exactly. To reach your goals and truly live a full life, you need to think differently. Average people only attain average results.

Even before the arrival of social media, we were distracted and pulled in a thousand different directions each day. Unfortunately, those distractions can keep you from fulfilling your life missions and goals.

You need to uncover life multipliers to make you better than average—strategies that make you superhuman.

However, the irony of these superhuman factors is that they need to be “normal” and part of your everyday routines, skills, and abilities. These factors should feel so natural that they take your confidence and effectiveness to a whole new level.

Recognizing your life missions and not sacrificing other parts of your life to achieve them is a start. Staying focused and consistent on the goal—without worrying about whether you will win or lose along the way—will help you discover things about you you didn’t know existed, strengthening your ability to succeed in the business or venture you’ve decided to pursue.

Leon Ho is the Founder and CEO of Lifehack – a productivity blog he started in 2005. He was listed as Business Week’s #4 “Top 24 Young Asian Entrepreneurs” and has grown Lifehack into one of the most read self-improvement websites in the world – with over 12 million monthly readers. You can check out his book The Full Life Essential Guide, and take a look at his self-improvement master courses here or join one of his free classes here.

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