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Simple Link Building Tips for SEO

by Olufisayo
Link Building Tips for SEO

Off-site SEO is just as important as optimizing the site itself.

In order to be truly successful in running an SEO campaign, you must be willing to spend some time building links and networks with other sites in the industry, especially those who are not competing with your website directly.

Although link building may seem complicated and time-consuming at first, there are actually some simple tips you can use to help jumpstart your own campaign.

Link Building Tips for SEO

Google+ to the Rescue!

Google+ may not be appealing as a social network, but it is actually a great platform for those of you who are currently doing off-site SEO. For starters, sharing a new article on Google+ generates a much higher click-through and will get the article indexed faster.

Google+ is also a good source of high-authority backlinks. You can share posts to groups and communities, earn +1s and have the article re-shared to millions of other users on the platform. The amount of direct traffic I’ve been getting from Google+ is simply staggering; you can enjoy the same boost too!

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Here’s how you can find a lot of sites that accept guest posts easily. You start by browsing through sites that display the author’s profile at the end of each article. Find authors that also have personal sites as opposed to resident contributors. Once you found a potential author to research further, do a Google Images search on his profile picture.

You will find a number of things as a result of the image search. For starters, you may find a bunch of social media profiles set up by the authors themselves. Next, you will find sites on which the authors have written for – along with occasional interviews and other organic sites. These are the sites you need to connect with.

Since you already know that the sites accept guest posts, all you have to do is get in touch with the owner of those sites with an appealing offer. Instead of just offering a guest post with a link back to your site, try to come up with a way to benefit both websites in a more creative way.

Let Your Content Do the Hard Work

According to BlueHat Marketing blog, another good way of enhancing your off-site SEO is by producing high quality contents and publishing them on your site. You can get a lot of natural, organic link-backs by hosting contents that are easily shareable. In fact, valuable articles that persuade people to share are as effective as ever!

Users will be compelled to share the article on their social media profiles when the article is information and really good. Articles that are entertaining and fun to read are also highly effective for this purpose. Owners of other sites who read your article may even quote you in an article on their site, complete with a link to the page they are referring to.

To further speed up the process of earning natural backlinks, you can also post a link to new articles on popular online communities and sites that allow users to post their own contents.

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