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Live Interactive Broadcasting For Business: 5 Ways to Use it

by Olufisayo
Live Interactive Broadcasting

Live video streaming continues to gain traction, as demonstrated by Facebook’s recent introduction of desktop-broadcasting. While it’s expected to attract gamers who like to live-stream as they play, on a grander scale it offers the social giant’s 1.86bn users a hands-free alternative to broadcasting from a mobile device.

Using live interactive broadcasting, companies can boost engagement, enhance brand loyalty, and learn more about their customer-base – but how?

Live Interactive Broadcasting

Broadcasting from Live Events

 Every year, countless conferences, exhibitions, and expos take place across the globe, enabling businesses to showcase their latest developments. With live interactive broadcasting, you can bring your own revelations to a broader audience in a cost-effective, simple way.

Using just a smartphone, you can show off your own products or take viewers on a guided tour of the venue itself. It’s important to let the audience direct you, though – ask them what they want to see next, what they find most exciting, and allow them to pose questions to exhibitors.

This enables people who may have wanted to attend the event but couldn’t the opportunity to see the most interesting points, with expert insights.

Enhancing Customer Service with Live Video-Chat

Great customer service is critical for any business. No matter how good your products or services, if buyers are unhappy with their treatment, they’re unlikely to stick with your brand. Interactive broadcasting is the next step in outstanding customer support.

Using a video chat service like Agora.io, you can integrate live video connections into your website or app, activated by a simple push-to-call button. Customers will then be directed to a support agent, enjoying full HD video and audio.

Live interactive broadcasting gives you the power to offer face-to-face conversations with customers in real-time. This expands on text-based live chat (which 63 percent of buyers like) with a more personal, faster, informal aspect.

Taking Customers Behind the Scenes in Real-Time

 Today, being authentic is vital. Customers are more savvy and weary of businesses which employ dishonest marketing tactics or simply fail to engage them on a human level.

You can build brand loyalty by being honest and fair with customers, showing a more human side rather than bombarding them with salesy jargon constantly. With live interactive broadcasting, you can take existing and potential customers behind the scenes of your company, allowing them an exclusive insight into your operations.

You might want to take viewers through your entire product- or service-delivery process, from the design studio (or meeting room) down to your shipping department. Let customers submit questions and make requests, so they’re guiding the tour as much as you are. You will demonstrate that you’re transparent and have nothing to hide.

Let customers see the faces and hear the thoughts of the people running your brand, and they’re more likely to show you loyalty.

Hosting Regular How-To Sessions

YouTube is filled with tutorial videos. From styling your hair to suit the latest trend to crafting your own clothes, how-to videos are big business.

However, with live interactive broadcasting, you can host real-time tutorials on using your products. This may take the form of a lengthy demonstration of a product’s features, or a shorter guide to storing it safely.

This is the perfect opportunity for customers to ask about a product without having to actually contact your company directly, or scouring forums for advice.

This not only shows that you’re committed to ensuring buyers get the most out of your products, it also builds brand loyalty as customers have expert assistance direct from the source.

Streaming Live Q&A Sessions

One major benefit of live interactive broadcasting is connecting to potentially millions of viewers around the world. With just a smartphone, your company is able to answer questions submitted from buyers on a global scale, providing in-depth information on a range of subjects.

For example, if your brand has announced an innovative new gadget (such as a revolutionary smartphone), you can host a live Q&A session to address potential buyers’ questions. What features can they expect? When will it be available? This would put any rumors to bed and give consumers legitimate reasons to get excited.

You can also invite thought-leaders and influential figures from your industry for live interviews, and let viewers ask the questions. You’ll provide a rare opportunity for direct conversation, and depending on the guest being interviewed, their presence may attract new customers entirely.

As interactive broadcasting technology continues to advance and evolve at a staggering rate, companies will come to depend on it more and more. It’s simple, cost-effective, and provides face-to-face connections all over the world, allowing businesses to transcend geographical limitations in real-time.

Have you considered how live interactive broadcasting can help your business?

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