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Top 5 Machine Learning Consulting Companies

by Olufisayo
Machine Learning

Different from AI, Machine Learning or ML is the definition of sophisticated machines that are able to learn and process based on the specific data given to them. Machine Learning is able to find the significant pattern in the data. And then, the outcome will also depend on the data retrieved to these machines.

Apparently, aws machine learning services have become more relevant to businesses in various scales to help them to exploit important conducts such as Audit, Performance Analysis and report, trading, monitoring, automation, and so on.

For businesses who are interested in turning to  machine learning applications, it has become easier to find the Machine Learning Companies to help them. But you will get the most of Machine Learning from reputable and trustworthy companies. Here are the top five machine learning consulting companies that you can consider.


Founded in 2009, Movidev consists of small group of software engineers and business managers. MobiDev is a full-scale mobile software company who have handled big projects from big companies. But it is also popular amongst small to mid-sized businesses because they offer such great solutions for these categories. Their clients are popular names like SMS Group, Quality Bridge, Verizon Media, etc.

Their service rates range from $25 to $50 per hour. As proclaimed in their official site, they offer wide range of machine learning healthcare projects solutions for various industries. It is not only great to test the water, but also do serious Machine Learning in your business.


Netguru company focuses on custom software engineering. Its machine learning in healthcare solutions revolve around various industries but more prevalent to limited categories such as Learning Languages, Banking, and Renting Bikes.

Netguru is open to more possibilities. They offer Machine Learning consulting services for Product development, software development, as well as full-stack.

The good thing here is that their core service is Machine Learning. The hourly rate is $50 to $100. definitely not the cheapest solution in the market, but it has made such significant solutions for most of the startups, enterprises, as well as giant companies.

DogTown Media

If you are turning to mobile apps for your company or business, DogTown Media could be the choice of your partner. It is renowned for the achievements in developing iPad, iPhone apps, as well as Android Apps.

The company provides services of machine learning apps which can make the apps more productive, smarter, efficient, and effective. This company has worked with big companies like YouTube, Lexus, Google, and so on.

DogTown has been recommended by high-profile clients because they are the best in their categories. They are popular options because of the sophisticated solutions for computer vision, model creation, NLP, and automation. Tons of positive feedback are enough reasons why we added this company to our list. The pricing ranges from $100 to $150 per hour.


Altoros AI has helped many businesses with tons of tasks. There are a lot of positive feedbacks revolving around the internet. As claimed in their official site, Altoros AI has ample set of skills to provide the machine learning solutions by leveraging the top rated cloud providers including GCP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, as well as Oracle.

Founded in 2001, it has spread their operations in five countries. You can see their portfolio in real time in their 50 open source projects. Their open source projects have been prevalent for many businesses at various scales. Altoros provides the machine learning services with considerable price rates from $50 to $100 per hour.


Erbis is arguably the best software engineering development company who can provide machine learning services to every scale of business. The company has conducted thousands of projects that involve big and small projects.

The company offers the software development services for every stage of the product or platform. Their focus areas are Software Engineering, IT Consulting, Big Data, and Technical and Client Support.

Whether you are planning for short and long-term projects, Erbis is ready to help you with various software services including the analysis, Internet of things development, infrastructure, data service, front and back end software development, and many more.

The full-time project managers from Erbis are ready to help you to find the best IT solutions for your business. When you take a look at the Erbis official website, you can see the various services and products offered by Erbis.

Although machine learning is relatively new for most businesses, it is not the case for Erbis company. This company has an adequate amount of IT resources that help many companies in the SaaS categories such as healthcare, financial technologies, supply chain, health care, and so on.

Established in 2012, Erbis Cloud Services is the UK IT services company with the development center located in Ukraine.

Their staff is filled with senior experts in the software industry. Therefore, they are mostly bringing up the success in finding the software solutions.

Their current rates are $25 to $49 per hour.

Here are the various services they are offering

Software development

Full-stack or partial software engineering development both on-premises or on the cloud environment. These software development services include web development, mobile apps development, services projects, and so on. The full-stack software development mostly involves Java technologies in the process.

Software testing

This service includes the Question and Answer services, professional consultation, test case, study case, definition, as well as testing automation.

UX Design

The EX Design services are focusing on clients in different segments such as customer experiences, user creation, user interfaces engagement, tangible business results, and Appnovation that helps brands navigate. The Erbis professional helps conduct the UX Design aspects includingthe usability consulting, UI design, Prototype Construction.


Finding the IT strategies for your business is a daunting task to do. Whether you are conducting the IT projects from scratch, or improving the existing one, Erbis is ready to help you with the consultation, including the machine learning consultation. Erbis can also help you to build the framework and development process along with the help of Certified Scrum Masters joining with the team.

Erbis key clients are small and medium enterprises. That explains why they come with such friendly hourly rates.

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