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Want To Make Money In Web Design? Diversify Your Contracts

by Olufisayo
Make Money In Web Design

Web design can take you in some really interesting directions. You may have gotten into the business to work on large corporate sites, or small boutique web pages.

The reality is that you’re going to have to accept all kinds of niche web design work. Being picky could lead to failure.

There’s no shame in it. You might feel it quite creatively freeing. It could probably bring out some great ideas. You’ll have to adhere to a brief as you usually would with more mainstream web design work. The good news is, it’ll at least be better than the continuing cycle of products and services web pages.

Make Money In Web Design

For instance, you could be asked by a local cinema to create their web page. There’s a wealth of opportunity in there to be creatively fulfilled. You could have the design mimic that of a 1950s cinema. Some art deco influences in the visuals of the site could make it really stand out.

From a functionality perspective too, you could find yourself thinking outside the box. You’d need a clear and efficient way of showing the current films and their times. Other distinctions such as 2D or 3D, or what kind of seating is available can also be incorporated into the web design.

On top of that, you would need to design and implement a ticket booking system if required. While not entirely creative, if you revel in functional web design this could be a good way to stretch your legs.

It isn’t just businesses that’ll be looking for web designers for their niche. It’ll be organisations too. Say for instance a religious group are looking for professional church website design. It isn’t out of the ordinary for churches to have their own website. It’ll either be for national use, or for local congregation purposes.

The good thing about working on niche websites is the close connection with the commissioning group or individual. In the case of larger businesses there’s usually a kind of disconnect from the people you’re meant to be working for. It can sometimes be hard to communicate what they want, and how you want to do it.

When something is lost in that process, it can be easy for either party to be truly satisfied with the end product. As much as it is required for the web page to be functional, it also needs to fulfill those creating it and those requesting it. Anything else is sort of a half done job.

It could be you make your career on catering to niche markets. You might not be able to charge as much as you would to big companies though. If anything you could strike a balance and take different contracts every now and then.

Getting some variety into your work is good for you, and good for business. If the big contracts die down a little, you can take on niche work. Similarly, if the niche work isn’t paying the bills so well, you can always hunt down a few larger paydays.

Niche web design is no shame. Embrace it, and enjoy it.

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