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Making Money with Airbnb during the Off-peak Season

by Olufisayo
Making Money with Airbnb

You started your Airbnb at the start of the festive season, and it has been doing pretty well. You’ve hosted exciting people from all over the country, and you’ve had full bookings throughout the season. But now you seem to have hit a slump.

You’ve gone from being fully booked to having no guests for almost an entire week. Should you worry? Are you doing anything wrong? Take it easy because you’re doing nothing wrong. Like any other business, hosting has its low seasons. Here is how to make money with Airbnb during the low season:

1.      Know Your Off-peak Seasons

Some regions experience an influx of guests during the festive seasons, while some get more guests during the off-peak seasons. Others experience a steady flow of guests throughout the year. For instance, Airbnb hosts who live near the beach will often have more guests during festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter. Those who host near universities and business centers will usually get more guests during business months. But even those who get a steady guest flow throughout the year will still have low seasons.

In that breath, take time to know when to expect fewer guests. Having such information will help you set proper income expectations and plan accordingly.

2.      Tweak Your Airbnb Rates

Even the hotels around you feel the pinch of the off-peak season and often lower their rates. Airbnb hosts around you also follow suit. It’s only sensible that you do so as well.

But don’t stick to one low price. Experiment with different rates. For instance, go down 10-20% and then, after a while, go even lower by 20-40%. Why? Well, every time you lower your prices, your listing becomes even more visible to guests. This way, a guest who wasn’t planning on going anywhere might see the deal and decide to take advantage of it. Hosting at a lower rate than you usually would is better than incurring the loss of going for many days without guests.

3.      Always Network With Your Guests During the High and Low Season

Although all Airbnb bookings are made online, and there is no need for you to physically meet your guests, always ensure you take the time to at least talk to them on the phone.

Are you wondering what any of this has to do with learning how to make money with Airbnb during the off-peak season? Well, most of Airbnb’s guests will often check-in and check-out without ever hearing from their hosts.

Going the extra mile to meet them during check-in and check-out and being a phone call away adds a human touch to your guests’ experience. This means they are more likely to come again in the future.

It also allows you to contact them in the future to welcome them again. This is particularly beneficial during the low season as you can always reach out to your guests and inform them of your discounts.

4.      Offer Extra Perks

It’s essential that your Airbnb listing looks appealing to potential guests always. However, it should be even more appealing during the off-peak season. This is mainly because you’re competing for the few guests available with a bunch of other hosts and hotels around you.

That said, offer a few extra perks to make your listing the go-to option for guests. For instance, offer to pick them up and drop them during check-in and check-out. Offer them free breakfast or even a free service to show them around on the first day.

Just because everyone is busy with work or school doesn’t mean you take down your Airbnb listing. Plenty of hosts are thriving through the off-peak season, and you too can do it. The secret lies in learning and trying out all the tips and tricks available on how to make money with Airbnb during the low-season.

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