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4 Reasons Why Studying A Master’s in Event Management Will Change Your Life

by Olufisayo
Master's in Event Management

A master’s in event management does not mean you get to spend the rest of your career planning fancy events or planning a wedding, there are a lot of variations to the work in this industry. In fact, a master’s in event management focuses on a  diverse and massive set of tasks. Keep reading to know the best reasons to study event management.

1. A career in this field is varied

Variety is everything in the event industry and no two days are the same. Professionals spend innumerable hours arranging from one type of event to another, from a corporate event to a concert, a political gathering, or a wedding. And one has to deal with all aspects of event planning.

Work needs to be done in different departments with equal importance and competence. Event managers can choose how narrow or wide projects they want to take up – whether they want to do parties, corporate events, or lunches, graduations, christening, etc., it is full of variety and lots of choices.

2. You can freelance, work in-house, or join an agency

As an event manager, you could be starting and running your own business or working for an event management company and managing projects for them. Each of these career paths offer unique and exciting possibilities. Some event managers even work both at an agency, in-house, or as a freelancer.

3. No two days are the same in your career

If you follow a career in event management, your days are not going to be the same but rather expect them to be full of twists and turns. People doing these jobs need to have excellent communication and people skills as they need to work with people from various backgrounds. Your career and growth won’t be a linear experience but one of variety. You need to be constantly thoughtful, innovative, and creative to get lots of jobs done successfully.

4. Develop skills you never knew you had

A lot goes into being an event manager than is easily perceived. By training in event management, students learn a lot of skills that they did not realize they had but are very important to be successful in this career path. Professionals in this field come with unique and wide-ranging skill sets. They have to be great communicators, some work on marketing campaigns, some on logistics and sales, while some manage people. All these are important sectors in the event management industry.

5. Your job will bring you uncountable and unique experiences

One thing that is assured through your job, and that is you will get to enjoy more experiences in this job than any other. Some days you will find yourself preparing for a dream wedding while some days you will be hosting some important event for a Fortune 500 company. The opportunity to travel, have access to backstage, and witnessing some events live are some of the perks of working in this field.

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