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Maximise your Telecom Efficiency

by Olufisayo
Maximise your Telecom Efficiency

There are a number of methods by which to use call & voice recording technology to improve the efficiency of telecoms in a contact centre environment and call & voice recording equipment has a large role to play in streamlining call centre operations.

Given the current state of the economy, call centres, as with all other businesses, are looking for the most economically viable means by which to run their operations.

In the instance of contact centres, many are finding that focusing on call & voice recording equipment is helping them to significantly improve the efficiency of their telecommunication endeavours.

Maximise your Telecom Efficiency

It is extremely important to be frugal in this financial downturn and the emergence of call and voice recording technology is certainly going to help many contact centres to streamline their operations in 2013 and understanding how it will do this is crucial for those working within the field of contact centres.

Obviously, call centres deal with both inbound and outbound calls and understanding how call & voice recording technology can help with both aspects of this is central to reducing outgoings and making a call centre more economically viable in this time of financial turmoil.

Call & Voice Recording – Using it to your advantage

According to research from telecoms experts, there are 5 main ways to use call & voice recording technology to help reduce costs in a contact centre environment:

  • Managing Inbound Calls – Managing incoming calls at a network level is crucial to the smooth running of contact centre and call & voice recording equipment can help to facilitate this.
  • Real Time Management – The use of well implemented real time management data is extremely important in boosting the efficiency of a contact centre. Many call centres will use call & voice recording equipment to help reduce the cost per enquiry and to facilitate a higher conversion rate.
  • Mid Call Transfer – A large number of call centres today are using mid call transfers to free up phone lines. This offers contact centres a multitude of benefits and those multi-brand organisations that are using one contact centre to handle their brands see the advantages of network call routing.
  • Training – Call & voice recording software can be extremely helpful when it comes to the training of contact centre staff.
  • Disaster Recovery – If technological problems occur in a contact centre, it is important to have a disaster recovery system in place. Call & voice recording software can be used to re-direct calls and provide voice messages in the case of an emergency.

When it comes to installing the right telecommunications systems for your call centre, it is best to talk to the professionals about your unique requirements. There are often many different installation and maintenance packages on offer.

By seeking specialist advice, you can ensure you find the most cost effective solution for you. Look for a company that uses recognised telecoms systems and respected brands like Avaya that you can trust. To find out more about Avaya products, visit the Microcare website now.

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