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Four Medical Advances Worthy of Investment

by Olufisayo
Medical Advances

Investing in the medical industry can take a lot of forms, including investing in a particular medical device, a clinic or hospital, or opening your own medical practice.

Research and development of novel approaches to everything from treating diseases to improving mobility are exploding, and investors are taking notice. This may be your year if you want to invest funds in worthwhile medical advancements.


The term exoskeleton often refers to the shell of an insect, but today’s biotech researchers are developing frames referred to as exoskeletons that give paralyzed individuals the opportunity to walk on their own. These mind-controlled braces can be controlled using virtual reality. While still in the development phase, exoskeleton researchers now have working prototypes that could lead the way to impressive advances in mobility.

Medical Wearables

One of the most recent innovations in medical wearables is the continuous glucose monitoring system. A simple implant in the upper arm allows diabetics to monitor their glucose levels throughout the day without pricking their fingers. The monitors can send updated information to users’ physicians as needed and help diabetics better control their blood sugar levels.

Biomedical vests are now being used by high-risk cardiac patients to not only monitor their hearts but shock the heart when needed. These wearable defibrillators can save lives, particularly for patients who may not have someone available to care for them or administer lifesaving measures if they go into cardiac arrest.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy involves injecting stem cells into the body, triggering the body’s natural ability to replace and regenerate damaged cells in the body. These cells can develop into whatever kind of cells the body needs. It’s currently being used to do everything from regrowing cartilage in damaged joints to targeting inflammation in patients with autoimmune disorders. Clinics like ThriveMD offer various options, including intravenous and injected stem cells. Stem cell therapy is still in the research phase for treating certain cancers and chronic illnesses, but the results look promising.


While telemedicine options have been around for a while, they weren’t really embraced until the Covid-19 pandemic created the perfect storm of circumstances. In the past two years, regulations have changed. Hospitals and clinics across the country have upgraded their telehealth options, making it easier for patients to see their doctors while protecting healthcare workers. New telehealth innovations improve how physicians and patients interact and make it easier for the underserved to get dependable medical care. The telehealth industry is set for remarkable growth in the next several years.

Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy from Pexels

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