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Getting Mental Health Therapists to Help You Steer Through Various Midlife Crises

by Olufisayo
Mental Health Therapists

Life is full of ups and downs – some people accept this fact and adjust accordingly, but others remain rigid through the vicissitudes of life and end up getting battered beyond shape.

Life is continually evolving and so are people’s experiences and placements. A variation in circumstances or fortune at different times signifies a particular line of growth and development that may either be favorable or unfavorable.

The good news however is that when an unwilling individual gets battered by developmental conflicts that threaten his sanity and upward mobility, there are professional mental health therapists to help him back to optimum performance.

Online therapists and counselors can help an individual or even couples and groups of people to resolve midlife crises like those brought about by the novel Coronavirus pandemic which has crippled socio-economic fitness around the world.

While a few people possess the natural abilities to resolve psychosocial crises without any damaging effects on their personality, the generality of others requires professional intervention to scale through unpleasant situations thrown at them.

With the assistance of a licensed and accredited mental health specialist on platforms such as BetterHelp, individuals mentally impacted by the COVID-19 crises and other personal problems such as substance abuse, depression, phobia, marital challenges, unruly children, domestic violence, the demise of a loved one, and job loss can get back to their feet and emerge winners.

According to psychologist Erik Erikson, people pass through eight stages of mental and physical development from infancy to adulthood. These stages are:

  • Trust versus Mistrust
  • Autonomy versus Shame and Self-Doubt
  • Initiative versus Guilt
  • Industry versus Inferiority
  • Identity versus Role Confusion
  • Intimacy versus Isolation Stage
  • Generativity versus Stagnation
  • Integrity versus Despair

The truth however remains that some people get stuck at a stage and refuse to move on to the next stage, thereby experiencing developmental conflicts that must be fully resolved to facilitate progress to the next stage.

Some individuals may require external help from therapists and counselors to wade through this period, and some can overcome the situation given various factors.

While most of Erik Erikson’s theoretical stages pertain to romantic relationships, the same can be applied to career, family growth, personal health, and interpersonal relationships.

As a practical example, the natural tendency is that between the ages of 19 and 30, most people begin to look outside of their family circle to initiate external friendships and relationships which may lead to career advancement and romantic relationships.

But some individuals retract more into their shells at this age bracket and engage in social isolation and loneliness which is inherently injurious to their general health. A particular study concludes that retracting into one’s shell in antisocial isolation is as harmful to one’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Whatever the situation, almost everyone needs mental health encouragement and boost to function well in every facet of daily life.

It may cost an arm and a leg to visit a therapist in his high-rise building office for counseling, but BetterHelp among other networks of mental health professionals costs just a few dollars a week for unlimited consultation with a licensed therapist.

Personalized and customized counseling is provided during consultations that are carried out online and via telephone, live video, text messages, instant messaging chats, and emails.

Seek professional help from an online mental health therapist and live the kind of life that you have always desired for yourself.

BetterHelp’s network of mental therapists remains committed to your mental and general wellbeing if you’d only reach out to them.

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