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What Senior Citizens Want Out of Modern Retirement Homes Today

by Olufisayo
Modern Retirement Homes

A retirement home for senior citizens is not what it used to be 25 to 40 years ago. Today, it is more of a nursing home with various facilities and options to make the last days of aged folks on Earth the best it can be. Some of the latest additions to a home for the elderly include facilities for meetings, meals, physical exercises, medical care, and recreation among others.

While SunPan provides occasional chairs and other furniture to retirement communities and residential homes, senior citizens resident in homes for the elderly look forward to the following services and care among others –

  • Post-surgery care
  • Medical transportation
  • Live-in support
  • Palliative care
  • Caregiver support
  • Footcare and personal care
  • Senior companionship

But apart from the above, aged folks who require assisted living in spectrumhealthcare.com or some other retirement homes today have expectations that they want fulfilled. Some of these are –

  • Continued education

It is slightly surprising, but many aged folks want to return to school. When such senior citizens are in homes within a university town, the management can arrange to have professionals come deliver lecturers so that they can earn certificates in their areas of interest. They can also access academic materials through Wi-Fi-enabled laptops.

  • Social interaction

Old folks do not like to be isolated for any long periods of time; they like social interaction and would like it very much if they could mix and relate with other senior citizens at their retirement or nursing homes. They want to share their memories and family tales with old people their age, and the more they interact with others the better their wellbeing gets, as well as happy.

  • True independence

Most senior citizens do not want to be confined to a place or controlled on how to live, they want to exercise freedoms on what to eat, what to wear, where to go, who to see when to sleep and other personal engagements. Residential communities and come home for the elderly can provide them with the needed independence.

  • Physical activities

Senior citizens understand that physical exercises are good for them, so it is best to give it to them at a minimal level. Such exercises include games, walking around, gardening, hobby classes, short trips and public presentations among others.

  • Meals in a social setting

Aged people living in a nursing home or some other related facility love the idea of socializing with other senior citizens and community members or friends at a meal function and in a social atmosphere. They also appreciate special dining experiences with home-made meals to remind them of family settings back home.

  • Trips and outings

Old people know they could be transported to the doctor’s office, but they want outings and trips separate from medical appointments. They want to go buy groceries, visit community centres such as museums, restaurants, theatres, casinos, and sporting events among others. They also want to attend scheduled functions using Sparkrock systems.

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