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Most Useful Android Applications for Developers

by Olufisayo

The Android market is developing as we speak, and every day, hundreds of new applications for smartphones and tablets based on the Android system appear.

During the latest years, a new IT branch developed. we are talking about the Android Applications Developing, a branch that attracts hundreds of IT developers and specialists.

Of course, those applications can only be developed with the help of…other applications available for the Android. Here are the most useful Android Applications for developers, applications that helped hundreds of developers to create interesting games and applications that are now used by millions of Android users.


Remote Droid

It is an interesting program that allows you to create a wireless network, turning the phone into an interesting keyboard, and the mouse will be a touchpad. this way, the developer can learn how to use its phone as a wireless network.

TorProxy and Shadow

TorProxy is an application that is used with another application called Shadow, and it allows the developers how to navigate the internet from a mobile device without being spotted. While this is a dangerous application, as it is useful for hacking, people that have good intentions can use it to learn about socket connections, cookies and reading codes.

Android SMSPopup

This is an application that will display the upcoming messages and mails as they come. It is useful, especially because a developer has to deal with tens of mails on many servers every day.

Standup Timer

This application is like an organizer that allows you to manage your time more effectively. It also makes a distinction between concepts like view, model and codes, being useful for advanced users.


The perfect application to read source codes of Android apps


It is a great organizer that will follow the progress of developing every day. moreover, it is great if you want to develop games and apps based on an accelerometer.


Open Sudoku is a fully developed application, but it is great for developers that want to know how to display grids. It has the best source code of this type, and this is the reason why developers use this basic code often.


ConnectBot is the perfect platform that allows the developers to use the Secure Shell feature. The code is perfect for developers, but it can also be used to develop different networking features used by a developer to create good codes needed for his won applications.

WordPress for Android

As you probably know, WordPress is the best engine used by developers to create pages, and it surely needs support for mobile devices. with Wordpress for Android, you can create advanced codes, as well as mobile versions of pages that are already available on the internet. it is an open source, meaning that it can be used by any person, and you won’t have to pay for it. the program benefits of updates often, and as each one of those updates offers more and more facilities, you can be sure that it is important to download the newest versions as soon as they appear.

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