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Octopot Grow Systems: Abundant Plant Growths with Little Water or Nutrients

by Olufisayo

Farmers are always looking for the best plant yield. The more yeild they generate, the more money they make. They are also looking for better ways to cultivate crops without the extensive labour that farming or gardening attracts. Scientists continue to also develop strategies for cultivating plants anywhere with little or no water and nutrients. One of such strategies is the new Octopot Grow Systems – a combined method of both soil and hydroponics.

This new method for growing plants or crops can be applied indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. With low risks and less costs, this is the method of growing plants that everyone out there should adopt. It does not require you to transplant plants from one pot or place to another and the water level can last for as much as a week without topping. In fact, this method of plant growth does not allow for water or nutrients wastage; and there is no need for any electricity, pumps or water chillers.

Octopot Grow Systems

Plants grown on soil or in water develop one root system, but those grown in Octopot Grow Systems develop two root systems – one in water and the other in soil. Depending on the size and growth stage of the plant, plants using this system can sustain in their water and feed for up to 10 days. They are also resistant to pests and fungi that damage crops. This makes the crops healthier and stronger in the face of any seen or unseen circumstance.

Nutrients in potted plants often go to waste when the water is changed frequently. But since the water applied to this new cultivation system can last for 10 days, the plant reuse nutrient discharges and prevent nutrient waste as a result of water changes. This reduces the input required to maintain plants and you can even just set them up and travel for a week or two without any serious effects on your plants.

In a case where you want to free yourself from have to water Octopot Grow System plants, you only need to connect them to your plumbing system where water flows from the fish tank and the water filters. To this extent, you are at liberty to grow any plant or crops you want. You can grow cannabis if you are permitted to, vegetables and rare herbs among others. It is suitable for home growing but also applicable to commercial crop cultivation. Meanwhile, these crops are environmentally-friendly from http://www.ozonly.com/and serves as a solution to the threats of climate change.

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